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We offer fluid containing and handling products for industrial and commercial applications.

Established in 1981

Pumps Valves Filtration Heaters Tanks
Liquid Level Controls pH / ORP Controls Liquid Flow Meters Temperature Controls Systems
Waste Treatment Mixers Mixing Eductors Custom Fabrications Piping Accessories
Piping Fittings Plastic Tubing Electrical Safeguards  
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Manufacturer Listings - products listed by our key vendors

Products Listing by Equipment Category

Pumps  - for transfer of liquids
Valves -
manual and actuated for control and shut off of liquid flow
Filtration -
equipment for solution filtration
Heaters -
electric immersion and coils for temperature control of solutions
Tanks -
for storage of chemicals or processing
Waste Treatment -
component equipment for waste treatment systems
Mixers -
tank and inline mixing of liquids
Systems -
for monitoring liquid flow and pH
Liquid Level Control
- for control of liquid levels in tanks and sumps
Fittings -
pipe and piping systems
- plastic hose and tubing
Accessories -
liquid handling products
Electrical Safeguards - pump protection
Custom Tank and Plastic Fabrication - PVC, CPVC and polypro fabrications

The above listing are for equipment by individual component.  Systems are assembled using these and other components to meet your specifications. 

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What's New - New products from our major suppliers.

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