KTH Sales, Inc. Terms and conditions  

Minimum Order $100.00

Confirming purchase order required for all orders  

Payment Terms accepted:

Credit Cards  - Visa or MasterCard

Information needed:

We ask that information be either faxed or phoned into our company.

Phone # 219-736-0060  or 800-235-3604    Fax # 219-769-0263

Wire Transfer

$20.00 wire fee added to order

Upon receipt of a confirming purchase order, our banking information will be released.

 Order will be placed upon receipt of transfer

COD Cash on Delivery

COD amount includes Product + Freight Charges + COD Charge $6.00 per package to ship UPS.

Payment accepted:  Business Check, Cashier Check or Money Order



Down load Credit Application

$500.00 Minimum purchase

Credit check will be done upon receipt of completed and signed credit application.

Our terms are Net/30 upon approval

CIA Cash in Advance

Depending on the product ordered, we may request:

100% down when order is placed


50% down when order is placed

50% due upon release of order

Warranty of Product Products are subject to the warranty provided by the manufacturer and their terms and conditions.  As a general rule of thumb, products carry a one-year warranty for manufactured defects repair or replacement FOB: manufacturer.  The warranty would not include chemical attack of the product.  Manufacturers warranty available upon request.

About KTH Sales, Inc.

KTH Sales was established in 1981 and incorporated in the state of Indiana in 1983 - federal tax ID # 35-1616319.  Our area of expertise is the selection of liquid handling equipment for ultra pure to corrosive liquids for the industrial market.  This equipment includes pumps, filters, tanks, valves, flow meters, level controllers, pH controls and mixers. Thermoplastics are the most common materials; however, many products are also available in a range of common metals to high alloys.  Our customer base includes steel mills, chemical manufacturers, electronics and plating facilities, waste and water treatment plants (resale, contractor, OEM's and end users).  We have experience exporting products worldwide. 

Our legal name is KTH Sales, Inc.
Location:  8574 Louisiana Place, Merrillville, IN  46410

Phone numbers:  219-736-0060 * 312-263-6917 * 800-235-3604
Fax:  219-769-0263
web site:  KTHSales.com * e-mail:  sales@KTHSales.com  - see e-mail contacts for personal accounts.