Chemical Metering Pumps  

LMI has been the "popular choice" for economical electronic chemical metering pumps for over 25 years.  Industrial quality and performance and reliability are the reason why this pump brand is specified by engineers and users alike. 

Chemical metering pumps constructed with PVC, polypro, PVDF for stainless steel heads

Electronic solenoid diaphragm pumps 

Onboard microprocessor control options

Accessories - calibration chambers, day tanks, mixers

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- PulsaTron Division

The years of experience of Pulsafeeder in the engineered chemical market is combined with the economics of an electronic metering pump in the PulsaTron brand.

Chemical metering pumps constructed with PVC, polypro or PVDF heads.

Electronic solenoid diaphragm pumps 

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Gorman Rupp Industries

Gorman Rupp Industries is a world wide supplier of motor driven bellows metering pumps.  The bellows (similar to an accordion) is reciprocated up and down to dispense a fixed quantity of liquid.  A simple stroke length adjustment determines the quantity and rate of flow.  The economical pumps are for low pressure applications with chemicals compatible with polypropylene.

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Wilden Metering Pumps

Air operated diaphragm pumps are not often considered a metering pump however with new solenoid shifted controls, these pumps offer a major cost saving for 50+ GPH applications.  These larger flow application were previously specified with hydraulic metering pump that have starting costs over $ 2000.00.  For the price of the service kit for some of these exotic pumps, you can get a pump and controller. 

Pumps are available in thermoplastics and metals in sizes of 1/4" to 3"

Controller precisely pace the pump using on-off or 4-20mA signals.

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Madden Pumps - please contact KTH Sales

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