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We offer components and solutions to prevent problems within your system.

Accessories for your piping systems:

For pressure conditions, relief valves and pressure regulators will relieve or reduce pressure to desired levels.  Monitor the pressure with the use of a gauge guard (isolator).  For removal of particulate that will clog or damage pumps or valves, inline strainers can be used.  Damage from dry running or cavitation can be stopped with the use of a motor monitor.  See below for thermoplastic pipe hangers

Accessories for your tanks:

To monitor and maintain solution levels within tanks, liquid level indicators some with flashing lights, are used to open and close valves or turn on pumps.  Level sensors are selected upon the solutions monitored and the material of construction of your tank.   Secondary containment can be self contained within the tank, a tank within a separate basin or a plastic liner around the tank or tank farm.  

Accessories for your pump

To prevent large particles from entering your tank, an inline suction strainer or basket strainer will trap items before they enter the pump.  Eductors within a tank will convert pump pressure into a mixing / blending to increase agitation for better plating results.  Gauges will monitor the pressure of the pump and will give an indication of the flow of the pump.  Drum pump adapter kit will allow an air operated diaphragm pump to be mounted directly on a drum.  Diaphragm valves in combination with a rotameter or flow meter can control a centrifugal pump for exact flow rates.   Batch controller can be added to stop the pump when an exact quantity is reached.

Technical Assistance

We will share our experiences with you.  Giving sound advise, without obligation to the client, has proven beneficial to this company during the last 25+ years.  We have listened to our customers concerns to improve our own performance.  We owe our success by sharing our customers successes and failures with others.  Experience - it can't be bought and shouldn't be sold.

Gauge Guards - used to protect a pressure gauge or sensor from the process fluid
Penguin - CPVC, polypropylene and PVDF gauge guards Plast-O-Matic - Ultra Pure / Slurry
Plast-O-Matic - PVC, polypropylene and PVDF gauge guards Plast-O-Matic - Miniature - polypro
Banjo - Cam Lock Fitting, tank adapters, line strainers
Dwyer Rate-Master - Flowmeters for water and air
Emotron - Motor monitors to protect pumps from damage
FlowLine Liquid Level Controllers - Level controller with relay or continuous readings
Little Giant - Level Alarms - Sump Pump Level Controllers - Simplex and Duplex
LMI Metering Pumps - Day Tanks - Calibration Chambers
PGK Liquid Level Controllers - Level controller with relay
Plast-O-Matic - Basket strainers 2" to 14"
Plast-O-Matic - Pressure Relief Valves - 1/2" to 2"
Plast-O-Matic - Pressure Regulation Valves - 1/2" to 3"
Solution Eductors - Eductors for mixing or agitation
George Fischer - Clear Line Strainers 1/2" to 3"
Transition from metric or BSP threads ? - We can supply pipe union that can be supplied with mixed pipe standards for sizes of 1/2" to 2".  Four items are required:   Union Nut, Union End, Union Bushing, and O-ring (EPDM or Viton®).  PVC material only.
  • Union Ends: Metric Socket, IPS Socket, NPT Threaded
  • Union Bushing:  Metric Socket, IPS Socket, BSP Threaded
  • Union Nut:  Universal (also fits Type 314 valve)
  • O-ring:  Universal

Note:  Size reduction will require additional parts.  IPS to NPT is also available in most all materials.

If you don't find what you are looking for and/or need additional assistance.   Please call us.  800-235-3604 or 219-736-0060.  Return to KTH Sales Home Page.

Products Listing by Equipment Category

Pumps  - for transfer of liquids
Valves -
manual and actuated for control and shut off of liquid flow
Tanks -
for storage of chemicals or processing
Mixers -
tank and inline mixing of liquids
Filtration -
equipment for solution filtration
Heaters -
electric immersion and coils for temperature control of solutions
Systems -
for monitoring liquid flow and pH
Fittings -
pipe and piping systems
Waste Treatment -
component equipment for waste treatment systems

Products Listing by Manufacturer
Manufacturer Listings -
products listed by our key vendors

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