Liquid Level Controls - Providing simple to complex control of tank levels.  We offer products to deal with almost any type of application for level control.  Click on the image for details

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FlowLine - Thermoplastic level sensors and transmitters

For corrosive service chemicals

Single point, multi point relay and continuous display output using float, conductivity, optical or non-intrusive ultrasonic probes.  Multi tank control packages.  Controllers with alarms, displays, analog outputs and time delays.  Details

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PGK - Magnetic float and rod type - relay output - polypro and PVDF wetted parts  - details

For corrosive service chemicals

Uses a plastic vertical sliding float with a magnet.  Micro switches inside of the plastic rod are actuated when the magnet passes within range.  Units of two, three or four points are available.  Details

Drainage Control Monitor - Eliminates most water-level detectors

A new approach for controlling a sump pump(s) is by monitoring run time to set the dwell time.  The DCM uses algorithm to automatically calculate the pump running time and frequency of starting.  Not affected by floating objects or sludge that will cause false or failure of typical floating level sensors.  Use two in combination for a duplex pump control.  Complete electrical panels are available.  Download data sheet

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Little Giant - Ball float type level controllers 

For water service

Complete systems for control of sump pumps

Alarm only or alarm with pump control

Single and three phase units


Protec - Conductivity level controllers

For corrosive chemical service

Uses PTFE covered metal or carbon probes

For monitoring single or multiple points


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