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Copy_of_Banjo-Logo.jpg (17036 bytes)           Banjo Corporation - Polypro Hose Fittings and Valves
Bailiff Tanks        Rotationally Molded Polyethylene

       BEX       -        Eductors for Mixing - polypro - PVDF - 316SS - cast iron

BJM-logo.jpg (3377 bytes)        BJM - Perfecta   -   Plastic and Stainless Submersible Sump Pumps

Chemtainer-logo.jpg (12332 bytes)  ChemTainer Industries - Molded Polyethylene and Polypropylene Tanks

Colonial_Logo.jpg (8192 bytes)   Colonial Engineering - Valves and Piping Systems Fittings

  Dickow Pump - Magnetic Driven Metallic Process Pumps

    Digital Analysis - Skid mounted pH control systems

   KTH Choice PVC  - Plastic Liners for Tanks and Ponds

FilterCor-logo.jpg (5940 bytes)      FilterCor - Cartridge Wound Filters and Carbon Tubes

FPI-Logo.jpg (10073 bytes) Filter Pump Industries - Filtration Systems - Pumps

Penguin Pumps

  Ft-logo.jpg (4465 bytes)  Finish Thompson - Magnetic Driven Pumps - Drum Pumps - SS Pumps

Flowline-logo.JPG (7707 bytes)   FlowLine- Liquid Level Controls

       +GF+              George Fischer - Industrial Valves

                             George Fischer - PVC and CPVC pipe fittings

  Gorman Rupp Industries - Bellows Metering Pumps

G & L Pumps   G & L pumps - stainless Centrifugal Pumps

wpe1.jpg (2244 bytes)   GEMU - Diaphragm Valves and Rotometers - Air Pilot Valves

  InLine Valves - carbon steel and 316SS ball valves

InnoMag     InnoMag - Tefzel Lined Chemical Process Pumps

Iwaki_Logo.jpg (9698 bytes)  Iwaki / Walchem - Magnetic Driven Pumps

Kristal-Klear-LOGO.JPG (11740 bytes)   Krystil Klear Filtration  - Steel and Stainless Steel Filter Housings

       LaBour   - ANSI Chemical process pump - Self Priming pumps

      Taber - Vertical mounted chemical process pumps


     Lightnin     -        Mixers - portable - fixed mount - gear reduced - Inline

LGPCLogo.gif (7666 bytes)  - Little Giant Pump
         - Magnetic Driven Chemical Pumps
        -  Submersible Sump and Sewage Ejectors
        -  Consumer Fountain Pumps & Accessories

LMI-Logo.jpg (3851 bytes)  

LMI - Liquid Metronics - Chemical Metering Pumps and pH Control Systems

Lutz_Logo.jpg (9657 bytes)    Lutz  - Drum Pumps, Mixers and Batch Controllers

Ptron-Logo.jpg (3678 bytes) - PULSAtron / Pulsafeeder - Chemical Metering Pumps and accessories

March Manufacturing - Magnetic driven centrifugal pumps - polypro - PVDF - 316SS

- Mefiag filter systems- for disk filtration to 13,000 GPH

Memphis Pumps - Cast Iron centrifugal pumps - for flows to 750 GPM - 280 Feet

Met-Chem logo.jpg (3614 bytes) - Met-Chem - Filter Presses - Waste Treatment Systems

   bird.gif (1665 bytes)      Penguin Pumps - Pumps, Filtration Systems, Filter Media, Mixers and Gauge Guards

       PGK      -         Plastic Rod and Float Level Controllers

Polyprod-logo.jpg (6934 bytes) - Poly Products - Solution Evaporators - Solution Reduction

POM-LOGO.jpg (7103 bytes)  Plast-O-Matic Valve - Shutoff valves, pressure control and accessories

Protec-logo.jpg (12635 bytes)  Process Technology - Electric Heaters, Coils and Temperature Controls

Signet-logo.jpg (1696 bytes)      Signet Scientific - Flow Meters

                                   Signet Scientific - pH , ORP, Conductivity

      SimTech       -        Polypro, PVDF and FRP lined piping systems

Spears-Logo.jpg (6054 bytes)             - Spears Manufacturing - Plastic Valves and pipe fittings

 Wilden-Logo.jpg (4097 bytes)    Wilden Pumps - Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Products Listing by Equipment Category

Pumps  - for transfer of liquids
Valves - manual and actuated for control and shut off of liquid flow
Tanks - for storage of chemicals or processing
Mixers - tank and inline mixing of liquids
Filtration - equipment for solution filtration
Heaters - electric immersion and coils for temperature control of solutions
Systems - for monitoring liquid flow and pH
Fittings - pipe and piping systems
Waste Treatment - component equipment for waste treatment systems
Accessories - liquid handling products

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