Why use Dry Mates ?

When using multiple liquid sources or terminations, moving hoses from tank to tank is common. Cam lever systems provide a easy method for connection. When hoses are moved, liquid is often retained within and leaks during the transfer process. Using valving will limit the amount of liquid spilled – obviously the closer the valve is to the connection, the less leakage.polydrymate.jpg (7197 bytes)
Dry Mates provide a system that used a combination of cam lock fitting with dual ball valves at the very end of the connection. This limits the leakage to a very small amount. In addition, Dry Mates are designed to insure that both valves are closed before being disconnected – and – that the valves can not be opened except when joined back in the Dry Mate connection. Dry Mates are sold as a male and female half. Optional dust caps with Lanyard ties are used to protect the male and female side seals when they are disconnected.

Dry Mate Polypropylene fittings provide for a 1 " diameter opening when connected. End connections are offered in 1 " or 2". Stainless steel Dry Mates also provide the additional size of 1" with 1" diameter opening.

Polypropylene Dry Mate                  316SS Dry Mate