Double Wall Bulk Storage Tanks

DC Series - These molded double walled tanks are designed for stringent environmental concerns and codes. Outer containment tank capacity complies with federal regulation 40CFR-264.193 requirements.  

  • Primary tank is completely contained.
  • Save valuable floor space. – Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Enclosed design prevents rain, snow and debris from collecting in containment tank.
  • Linear polyethylene – Resin complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation 21 CFR 177.1570 
  • Outer tank wall is translucent.
  • Dimensional drawings are available for all tanks.
  • The capacity is 100 to 1000 gallons - *Capacity of the primary tank.
  • Contact us for larger capacities

wpe46.jpg (7040 bytes)
100 to 1000 gallons

Containment Basins - OA Series

The one piece, seamless construction of our molded polyethylene containment basins provides an effective barrier between the tank and the environment.

  • UV Stabilized for outdoor use – Excellent chemical and impact resistance.
  • Comply with federal regulation 40CFR-264.193.
  • Capacities listed are the maximum for the containment basin. The containment basin capacity must be at least 10% greater than that of the primary tank. Check your local codes before ordering.
  • The capacity is 675 to 6800 gallons
  • Basins are supplied in black linear polyethylene. Available in translucent white.

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675 to 6800 gallons

Please see PVC Liners for containment of larger tanks using flexible liners.

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