Rectangular Tanks

These tanks are designed with heavy walls for long service under severe conditions. Straight sides allow maximum use of space. Our tanks are used in dozens of industries for plating, processing and storage.

Over seventy five different standard sizes from 1 to 530 gallon capacity.   Special and custom sizes with capacity to 1800 gallons.

A-B Series – Operating temperatures up to 140 F polyethylene (A Series); 212 F polypropylene (B Series). B Series polypropylene not recommended for impact or low temperature applications.

  • On piece molded-no seams to leak. 
  • Excellent impact and chemical resistance.
  • Hugh selection of stock sizes.
  • Resin complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulation 21 CFR 177.1520.
  • Translucent* for visible contents level. 
  • Full array of tank fittings, accessories installation, guidelines and dimensional drawings.
  • NOTE: Rectangular with a height greater than 18" must be supported.

C-D Series – FRP Encasements

  • Designed to completely support our rectangular tanks.
  • Available with both polyethylene and polypropylene liners. – No maintenance.

F-Cover – Molded polyethylene cover that fits over the flange of the tank.

H-Hinged Cover- All polyethylene fabricated flat covers.

L Series – Stainless steel support frames.

  • Corrosion resistant side support. – Economical alternative to our FRP encasements.
  • Bottom of tank must be complete supported, L Series provides side support only.

N-K Series – Steel stand and dollies.

  • Heavy duty construction with corrosion resistant coating. – Available in stainless steel.
  • Large rectangular tanks must be supported.

*The degree of translucency varies with wall thickness and tank color.

wpe3.jpg (8412 bytes)
L Series Stainless Support (above)

wpe32.jpg (7522 bytes)
FRP encasement (above)

KTH Sales will provide custom fabrication of PVC, CPVC, polyethylene or polypropylene sheet goods for mixing, storage or plating applications.   Please contact us for details.

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