Colonial_Logo.jpg (8192 bytes) Colonial Engineering Butterfly Valves

3", 4" & 6" PVC body with EPDM elastomers

Butterfly_Valve.jpg (11266 bytes) Colonial butterfly valves are designed to replace many metal valve applications.  The body of the valve is held in place by the companion flanges of the piping system.  The primary seal boot (EPDM) forms the bubble tight disk and flange seals with secondary o-rings to protect the stainless steel shaft from fluid contact.  Polypropylene bushing provides for low torque turning.   The top index plate has ten locations and is plated for corrosion resistance.    Weight of valve is 50% of a comparable metal valve 4" - 8.25#, 6" - 12.8#.
Bolt pattern meets ANSI, DIN and AWWA dimensional standards

Pressure rated to 150 PSI -- Temperatures to 140 F

Electric and pneumatic actuators are available.

Dimensional standard with Keystone Valves - layout and actuator mounting

Valve size Model Number Opening torque - inch pounds Closing torque -
inch pounds
3" V30311N 225 200
4" V40311N 325 300
6" V60411N 520 480

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All thermoplastic butterfly valves (3" through 6") shall have bodies of one piece, full-face construction produced of PVC type I, cell classification 12454-B material. Elastomeric liner and o-rings shall be EPDM material. Elastomeric liner shall have an integrally molded flange face seal. Valve disc shall be produced of PVC type I, cell classification 12454-B material. Valve shaft and index plate shall be stainless steel. Valve shaft shall be of blowout-proof design. Operation shall be by lever handle, gear operator, electric or pneumatic actuation. Valves shall be capable of being field retrofit with a pneumatic or electric actuator.

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