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Dickow Pump Company has produced pumps for over 75 years. Our pumps are working steadily and dependably in all corners of the globe. As the technical world leader in magnetic drive pumps, Dickow holds many patents, is ISO 9001 certified, and a supplier-partner of major chemical companies.  As one of the worlds leaders in magnetic driven seal-less technology, Dickow makes most designs available with mechanical sealed for applications where they would be preferred.  Many of the Dickow design pumps are also Dickow Pump USA

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   NMR - Single Stage Centrifugal Magnetic Driven

Flow rates up to 3000 GPM - 500 F - up to 600 PSI working pressure

Frame mounted chemical process applications.

NMWR - Single Stage Centrifugal Mag Drive

Flow rates up to 3000 GPM - 850 F - up to 600 PSI working pressure
Center line supported for high temperature applications.

AM / KM / KMV - Single Stage Centrifugal Mag Drive

Flow rates to 300 GPM - Pressure to 232 PSI

ANSI dimensional, ISO dimensional and Vertical Inline 

SCM - Side Channel Centrifugal Mag Drive

Self-Priming - Flow rates 1/2 to 140 GPM - TDH to 2,000 feet -  500F
Low flow rates with very high pressure output - mechanical seal options.

HZM - Multi Stage Centrifugal Magnetic Driven
HZSM - Multi Stage Self Priming Magnetic Driven

Multi stage sealless horizontal Centrifugal Pump - Flow rates 9 to 1320 GPM - TDH to 1500 feet - 500F - Low NPSH

   NKL  - Mechanical Sealed Centrifugal Pump

Hot oil to 650F without external cooling 
Flow rates 9 to 2400 GPM - 
TDH to 400 feet - Pressure to 600 PSI

- Single Stage End Suction - 
Built to API 685 specifications

Magnetic Sealed Service to 711 PSI @ 390F
Flows to 4000 GPM
Hot Oil options to 850F

Also built to API 610 when supplied with a mechanical seal.

Please note:  KTH Sales, Inc. is the factory representative for northern Illinois and NW Indiana (East Chicago - Elkhart).  We are not able to provide pumps or parts for any customers except those within our local area.

For sales in other areas in North America -- Dickow Pump USA

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