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Motor Horsepower Monitor

Emotron   EL-FI M20 Motor Load Monitor
For protection of dead heading, dry running, cavitation or jamming.

This motor load monitor will provide protection for pumps by offering a cutoff relay in the case of unexpected high or low horsepower loads that would occur if a pump were to run dry, experience cavitation or become jammed with an object.  This device will more that pay for itself in the first occurrence of a problem. Unlike a current monitor that can be false tripped by voltage spikes, we are monitoring the motor's load.  The digital display can be programmed to display Horsepower or KW.  The adjustable time delay is programmed to stop pump -  the delay is set to a time to protection dependent upon the type of pump being used.  An "AUTO SET" button reduces the set up time to a minimum.  You don't need to be an electrical engineer to install this device.  If you are an electrical engineer, you will truly appreciate the features.  Analog output signal provides data for external monitoring equipment -  use if required.  The M20 can be programmed for both low and high Hp.

Price for EL-FI M20:  $ 755.00 - DIN rail mounting 

Download EL-FI M20 data sheet -                                    Download EL-FI M20 Instruction Manual                           Emotron Enclosures for M20 

A similar unit providing load protection and VFD for speed adjustment of just one low price.  

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

VS series - Load Monitor with Variable Frequency Drive - Speed Control for Pumps

General Description:

Emotrons VSA Drives offer a unique technology not available in any other Variable Frequency Drive. Utilizing an integrated version of Emotrons renowned M20s shaft power monitor, the VS Drive reliably protects the driven equipment from abnormal overload or underload conditions.  At best, other Drives offer protection based simply on monitoring motor current with fixed limits. The VS series on the other hand, provides dynamic load monitoring that automatically adjusts the protection set points based on motor shaft power across the entire speed range.  Using Sensorless Vector Control, the VS series Drives provide precise speed control and highly dynamic performance for Constant Torque applications. For Variable Torque applications such as Centrifugal Pumps, the VS series dynamic load protection and PID control will provide unparalleled performance and protection.

VS Series for motor HP up to 3 HP with load control - Up to 10 HP without load control -       VSA Summary Data Sheet      VSA Full Detail Bulletin 

Drainage Control Monitor 

Eliminates most water-level detectors A new approach for controlling a sump pump(s) is by monitoring run time to set the dwell time.  The DCM uses algorithm to automatically calculate the pump running time and frequency of starting.  Not affected by floating objects or sludge that will cause false or failure of typical floating level sensors.  Use two in combination for a duplex pump control.  Complete electrical panels are available. 

Download data sheet

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