SP Series Self Priming - Magnetic Driven Pump

Polypropylene or PVDF Horizontal Pump with Priming Chamber

4 different size pumps with flows from 30 to 225 GPM

Five Year Warranty


SP11 Model

Sealless, self-priming, plastic, horizontal

FTI's SP Series Magnetic Drive Self-Priming Pumps are the product of advanced engineering CFD design software and superior magnetic flux technology. The SP Series combines deep-lift capabilities and lightning-fast priming with the advantages of neodymium magnetic drive technology and corrosion resistant polypropylene and PVDF to handle the most difficult applications with no seal replacement, no leaks and the capability to run-dry without damage.

Model  inlet and outlet connections typical flow rate typical motor tech bulletin
SP10 1"  5 - 30 GPM 1/3 to 1 HP 
SP11 1 1/2" 10 - 70 GPM 1 to 2 HP 
SP15 1 1/2 20 - 95 GPM 1 1/3 to 3
SP22 2" 45 - 225 GPM 3 to 15 HP

  General bulletin

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KC MagPrime has been replaced by SP11 and SP15