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 ULTRAChem™Series Pumps

ANSI Dimensional Magnetic Sealed Pumps

Engineered for Extreme reliability in chemical process

 DESCRIPTION: ULTRA Chem is a Sealless, magnetically driven, ANSI dimensioned, ETFE lined, close coupled chemical pump.

The ULTRAChem™ pump is designed to provide long and durable service for extreme chemical processes up to 250oF with working pressure to 175 PSI.  Using a proven seal less magnetic driven technology and a thermoplastic material similar to Teflon, this pump is able to perform when traditional mechanical seal pumps may leak or fail. The three sizes offer flow rates up to 330 GPM or pressures to 325 feet (140 PSI).  Motor monitors are required for all installations.

ULTRAChem™ pumps are close coupled to NEMA or IEC motors.

ULTRA-Chem pumps meet the dimension standards of ANSI/ASME B73.1m


Magnetic driven impeller design eliminate mechanical seals or packing.

Tefzel® lined ductile iron construction - for the corrosion resistance of Teflon and the strength of iron.

High Strength - low weight Neodynium boron iron magnets for maximum power and reliability.

Sintered silicon carbide impeller bushings and shaft for corrosion resistance and wear resistance - optional carbon impeller bushings for dry run damage resistance.

Enclosed carbon fiber ETFE (Tefzel) impeller and pure ETFE drive magnet for maximum strength and corrosion resistance.  Impeller uses two spaced bushings for maximum force distribution and easy replacement.  The impeller is a balanced radial thrust design and also provides solution lubrication for long bearing life.  Impeller is separate from drive assembly for economical wear replacement and impeller modifications.  

Inlet design offers straightening vanes for suction vortex reduction and provides support for the silicon carbide shaft.

Design details by component.

Modified concentric volute casing offers reduced radial forces to the impeller over the entire range of the performance curve.  more

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Current available pump sizes:           1" x 1 1/2" x 6"****** 1" x 1 1/2" x 8" ****** 2" x 3" x 6" 

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