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VKC Series
Flow Rate to 200 GPM

Vertical Magnetic Driven Centrifugal Pumps
Polypro and PVDF Construction
A vertical pump has provided advantages for plating and fume scrubbing applications for many years.  Vertical sealless pumps were usually of a fixed length of about 10" long - much longer would require the use of a support bushing within the pump.  These longer pumps that use this support bushing usually require an external water flush for the support bushings - failure to lubricate will lead to a high maintenance pump.

Magnetic sealed pumps have provided reliable service however previous required that the pump be mounted remote from the tank and this would require bottom or side fitting in the tank.  With the piping exposed outside of the tank, it is subject to damage or leakage.

With the introduction of the Vertimag™, the requirement for a longer vertical pump can now be met.  The sealed nature of a magnetic driven pump offers better hydraulic efficiencies that most designs of vertical pumps without using support bushing within the liquid.  Introduction of air into the solution, a problem when using expeller type sealless vertical pumps for some applications, does not occur with the Vertimag™.  This vertical pump can be mounted inside or outside of the tank.

Vertimag™ combines the benefits of a magnetic driven sealless, the immersion advantage of the vertical and the ability of extended length of pump without external flush.

The housing and column are constructed of molded polypropylene (or PVDF) for excellent corrosion resistance and strength.  Many of the parts used on the pump have been used for years on the KC Series magnetic driven pump.   The shaft is supported in a sealed column - modular in design - lengths are available in 12", 18", 24", 30" and 36".  smallnew.gif (926 bytes)Now up to 60" length in some sizes. The motor is a standard frame 56C, 145TC, 184TC, 213TC or 215TC - 1/2 HP to 10 HP.

Now available in a high pressure - two stage design MSVKC - details

Accessories available include:

  • PVC or CPVC mounting plate 
    • 9 1/2" x 14" (standard) - VK C6-10
    • 15" x 18.5" (standard) - VKC 22
  • discharge piping - extends piping through mounting plate
  • suction extension piping - to pull solution from below pump
  • suction strainer - to prevent large debris from entering pump
  • suction check valve
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Performance - Specifications

Family Performance curve VKC 6, 8 & 10                           Family Performance curve VKC 22


GPM @ 40 feet

GPM @ 20 feet

Maximum Flow

Horse Power (standard)

Piping Connection
Suction x Discharge

Detailed Performance Curve Bulletin IOM (parts)

VKC 5.5





1" x ¾" MNPT






1" x ¾" MNPT






1" x ¾" MNPT






1 ½" x 1" MNPT






1 ½" x 1" MNPT

VKC 10





1 ½" x 1" MNPT



Impeller Diameter

GPM @ 100 feet

GPM @ 80 feet

GPM @ 50 feet

Maximum Flow

Horse Power (standard)

Detailed Performance Curve enclosed/open Bulletin IOM (parts)
VKC2245 4.5" - - 95 120 3
VKC2250 5.0" - 75 135 140 5
VKC2255 5.5" 80 120 160 160 5
VCK2260 6.0" 132 170 - 180 7 1/2
VCK2263 6.3" 165 190 - 200 10
VKC22 performance information is for enclosed impeller - open impeller is used for lower pressure with a slight increase in flow. - Contact KTH Sales for details.
All VKC Series pumps:
  • polypropylene or PVDF construction
  • high density carbon, ceramic or Teflon®  impeller bushing
  • EPDM or Viton®  cover O-ring
  • ceramic shaft
  • No metal in contact with solution except housing bolts - Titanium is standard - Hastelloy optional
Dry running without damage**

Solution Temperature Range

  • polypropylene - to 180o F
  • PVDF - to 220o F

* Actual motor horse power selection is determined by the specific gravity of the liquid.  Please advise us of actual liquid flow conditions and solution density for our recommendation.

**Just like the KC Series, these pump when supplied with carbon bushing are forgiving to dry running for limited periods of time.  Liquid level controls to start and stop these pumps should be incorporated within your system.

Note:  All magnetic driven pumps should not be used to pump solutions high in abrasives or containing metal particles.   Suction strainers are recommended.

Note:  Impeller bushing - Carbon bushing will allow the pump to run dry for short periods of time without damage caused by friction between the impeller bushing and the ceramic spindle.  Some chemicals such as chromic or bleach will attack carbon.  Abrasive solutions will cause wear of the carbon bushing.  Teflon and ceramic are options that could be considered -- however sever damage will occur to the pump if these bushing are used and the pump is run dry.

Note:  Information for this pump using IEC motors and performance curves for 50 Hertz are available upon request.

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Please see above for Performance Curves, Bulletins (dimensions) and IOM (parts) except as noted below.

Note:  VKC 11 is obsolete as of 2006.  VKC 11 Parts & Installation - index  

Vertimag™ is a trademark of Finish Thompson Inc.

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