FlowLine Liquid Level Controllers and Transmitters

Constructed of polypropylene and PVDF for corrosion resistance to acids and caustic solutions.  Not for use with flammable liquids.


FlowLine level control systems offer flexibility and reliability in liquid measurement by providing contact and non-contact switches that offer proven and state of the art technologies for corrosive liquid applications.  When selecting a system, the properties of the liquid and the location of the switches are considered to provide the desired results.  These items are selected as components and then incorporated to form a system.  A switches provide single point measurement - A transmitter will provide a quantitative range measurement by providing analog signal output.
Level Control or Transmitter ?

Level control is used to monitor a point or a set of points to start or stop a pump or valve.  A group of single point switches are coordinated with the use of a controller to provide relays for the control points.  Level Switches - Signal an on-off condition - signals for on-off relays

Transmitters are used to determine the exact level within a tank.  Their reading may be used to also stop and start equipment however are normally used to provide information via a analog signal (4-20mA) to a FlowLine controller, PLC or recorder device. Transmitters - Signal a variable level condition - signals to display exact levels

Thermal Dispersion Flow Switch is used to detect a flow or no-flow condition for a liquids or gases.  These switches have no moving parts and provide reliable flow detection under sever conditions.  Details on Thermal Dispersion.

Controllers may provide single functions such as observing a single point with relay to sound an alarm or light.  With two switches, providing starting and stopping of a valve or pump.  With three or four switches, an alarm(s) could signal in addition  to the control.  Controllers may be of a compact configuration that would be mounted directly with the switches or a remote configuration that would be mounted in the electrical control enclosure.  FlowLine Controllers

Mounting for switches - Most switches can be mounted using the 3/4" MNPT body of the sensor.   FlowLine provides mounting configuration adapting to 2" opening in tanks or mounting brackets.  The Smart Trak system provide for mounting of up to four switches with flexibility of adjustment of the switch locations.   FlowLine Smart Trak™ or Switch Pak™ mounting systems.

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