Type 233

Available in sizes 1/2" through 2" in PVC, CPVC  with socket or FNPT threads polypropylene, PVDF with heat fusion socket or F NPT threads
All with flanged end connections.
Uses Type 546 ball valve

Functions available: Fail Safe Close (FC), Fail Safe Open (FO), Double Acting (DA)
Seals: EPDM or Viton
Pressure Rating: 150 PSI at 68║ F/10 bar at 20║C
Control Times for 90║rotation: <1 second (dependent on air supply)
Control Medium: Neutral, non-aggressive gas. Control with non-corrosive liquids possible on request.
Control Pressure Req'd: 50 PSI min.for FC-FO 25 PSI for DA - 102 PSI maximum
Control Temperature: 104║F/26║C, maximum
Control Connection:1/8" female
Visual indicator standard.
Accessories: Manual override, Limit Switches, Stroke Limiter, Solenoid (Pilot) Valve, Characterized ball for flow control, base mounting pad, NAMUR mounting plate

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