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+GF+ Hi-Strength Schedule 80 Piping System

  • The Stronger Solution For PVC and CPVC Piping Systems
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The high-strength design alleviates typical fitting stress and failure problems. +GF+ Hi-Strength Schedule 80 PVC and CPVC pipe, valves and fittings are suitable for more than 50% of the corrosive and non-corrosive applications within the chemical process industry. Stronger fittings are a result of the unique design that places extra material at the points of greatest stress concentration. Quick burst and long term tests reveal that most tee and elbow failures occur in the crotch area and sidewall. Conversely, little or no stress occurs in the socket walls since the pipe inside them reinforces these areas. By thickening the crotch and sidewalls, the ability of the fitting to withstand the pressure is substantially improved. Fittings and pipe made of this material can expect to experience many years of leak-free, maintenance-free service Solvent cemented connections contribute to lower installed costs, and the much lighter weight speeds and simplifies handling during installation.

General Features of PVC and CPVC thermoplastics:

  • High chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Will not rust, scale or pit
  • Not subject to electrolysis
  • Lower installed costs than steel alloys or lined steel
  • Competitive with carbon steel
  • Light weight (about one-sixth as much as steel)
  • PVC – temperature resistance of up to 140F
  • CPVC – temperature resistance of up to 210F

Size Ranges:

  • PVC 80 - Threaded 1/2" - 4"          Socket 1/2" - 8"
  • CPVC 80 - Threaded 1/2" - 2"      Socket 1/2" - 8"
  • PVC 40 - Socket 1/2" - 8"

+GF+ Schedule 40 PVC Fittings Are Ideal for Low Pressure Water

Applications: +GF+ Schedule 40 Fittings and the Molded-In-Place (MIP) Ball Valves in white PVC are widely used in residential, irrigation and swimming pool applications. Material costs, reliable solvent cement connections and easy handling make this system very economical.

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