Krystil Klear Liquid Filter Housings                  

Liquid Bag Filter Housings / StrainersKK-cut-a-way.jpg (123137 bytes)

These housing are engineered to effectively remove dirt, pipe scale and other contaminants from process liquids such as water, chemical and petroleum products. They can be used as a strainer as example on the suction of a pump or other process equipment.  The strainer basket is available in many different opening sizes and often used to support a micron rated bag filter.  Housings are designed to hold six different size baskets that would be selected to meet your flow rates and filtration needs.  Quality construction and design assure protection for all down-stream equipment.


Unfiltered liquid enters the housing above the filter bag or strainer basket; flows down into the housing; continues through the element; and exit the housing as clean liquid.   Solids are trapped inside the filter bag or strainer and easily removed when the housing is serviced by opening the top lid. The housing design provides a large sump area at the bottom of the basket for particulate accumulation.  Most housing provide a drain connection and vent and gauge ports.


Vessels are designed for operating from 100 to 500 PSI at 300o F. The housing design provides a large sump area at the bottom of the basket for dirt and scale accumulation. This design uses the filter more efficiently and prolongs the element life. The basket(s) seal onto an o-ring to eliminate particulate bypass between the basket and seat. A vent and a gauge port in the housing lid and a drain port in the housing speed evacuation and filling. Permanently piped housings are opened with simple tools without disturbing the piping. Swing bolts with eye-nuts allow easy opening and closing of swing lid.  No need to remove any hardware.  Optional clamp band closure designs provide economical alternatives. 

As a standard finish, all vessels are blast cleaned and painted inside and out with a 2part epoxy. Stainless steel vessels are supplied with their natural satin finish.


Single Basket / Bag Chambers

For flow rates to 220 GPM

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Standard chambers  100 / 150 PSI

Model L 44 - L 66 - L 88 

Single Basket / Bag Chambers

#12 Size bag / strainer - flows to 220 GPM


Model M8830 - OEM chamber

Single Basket / Bag Chambers

Snap  Band Clamp Chambers

Model BL44 - BL88 - BLM88


Top Entry - Single Basket Chambers

For flow rates to 220 GPM


T88 - 150 / 300 PSI top entry chamber

Manifold Chambers

Dual chambers / Manual and Automatic controls

Diversa-Flow manifold - Modular manifold system

Multi - Round Chambers

Up to 21 baskets provide flow rates to 4,300 GPM

Multi-rounds for flow rates to 4300 GPM

Twin Chamber with common inlet/outlet

Flow to 220 GPM

Duplex - Provides A / B chamber for continuous filtration - Automatic pressure controls


Flows to 4300 GPM

Inline Strainers

Flow rates to 1000 GPM 

Liquid Filter Bags:

Designed to protect both equipment and processes in water, chemical and petroleum product applications. See Liquid Filter Bag for element characteristics.

Manifold Systems - Manual & automatic
Technical Sizing Information Strainers and Filter bags
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Bag filter housings constructed of CPVC and PVDF