Accessories for your Metering Pump systems

Chemical Storage TanksTanks.jpg (4299 bytes)

LMI manufactures storage tanks in 10, 35, and 50 gallon sizes. All tanks have a molded in recess for an LMI Metering Pump. The 35 Gallon Tank features a pump mounting location at the base of the tank providing flooded suction which is ideal for off-gassing chemicals and applications where very low output is required. All tanks feature heavy wall construction of UV resistant polyethylene


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Agitators with fractional horsepower motors to fit our 35 and 50 gallon tanks. Impellers are available in Neoprene R and epoxy coated stainless steel for a wide variety of chemicals. Mounting hardware and a pump suction tube wand are included to complete the installation.


4Function.jpg (3511 bytes)Back Pressure/Pressure Relief Valves

LMI's diaphragm back pressure/anti-siphon valves apply positive discharge pressure to a metering pump system and act to stabilize the output of higher output LMI Metering Pumps when pumping into low or no-pressure systems. Pressure relief valves are designed to protect chemical feed systems from overpressure damage caused by defective equipment or deadheading. Valves are available in 1/4", 1/2", and 1" sizes in PP, PVC, PVDF, and 316SS.


Four Function Valve (4FV)

This compact and economical valve performs four important functions for your LMI pump:

Priming with the 4FV is simple and is achieved by _ turn of the pressure relief knob. We highly recommend this accessory for every LMI electronic pump.

Bleed Four Function Valve

The Bleed Four Function Valve is designed to be used with LMI pumps that are handling chemicals that off-gas readily such as sodium hypochlorite. It allows the gases to escape without causing the pump to lose prime. The economical B4FV will fit new or existing LMI pumps; there is no need to replace the entire head assembly. Constructed of PVDF for durability and excellent chemical resistance.

Callibration.jpg (2614 bytes)Calibration Cylinders

Installation of a calibration cylinder on the suction side of your metering pump simplifies calibration. Offered in 200 ml, 1000 ml, and 4000 ml sizes to fit most pump capacities. Removable tops and sealed tops are available.



WallBracket.jpg (5292 bytes)Wall Mount Bracket

This molded polypropylene wall mount bracket is rugged and chemically resistant. Molded with mounting holes to accept any LMI electronic pump, installation is quick and easy. All of the hardware is included to attach the bracket to a stud or block wall and to mount your electronic metering pump.



Remote Flowmeter Pulsers

RFP.jpg (4950 bytes)LMI's RFP Remote Flowmeter Pulser provides a simple method to feed chemical in proportion to water flow. All that is required is the Flowmeter Pulser and the appropriately sized LMI Pump. The wall mount divider may be installed up to 100 feet from the flowmeter for easy user access. No other timers, relays or control valves are required. Flowmeters are available from 3/4" to 6" for flow rates from 0.44 to 1300 GPM.

Program instruction

Instruction Manual

Trouble shooting hints

DigiPulser.jpg (5773 bytes)Digi-Pulse Flow Monitors

Digi-Pulse Flow Monitors solve the age-old question "How do I know if my pump is pumping?" This innovative product is designed to be used with our Type "9" Metering Pumps to provide the user with verification of pump performance. If the Flow Monitor detects output loss, it will shut the pump off and close a switch that may be tied to an alarm. The alarm signal may also be used to trigger a stand-by pump.


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