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Progressive cavity drum pumps

- for viscosities over 1000 cps to 100,000 cps

Most drum pumps are centrifugal pumps and are generally limited to pumping liquids up to 1500 cps - so what if your liquid in the drum is thicker?  Your choice might be using a horizontal or air operated positive displacement pump however this might be inconvenient and difficult to prime.  As you may know, progressive cavity positive displacement pumps are ideal for dealing with thick liquids -- we now have one that can be immersed within the liquid -- save space, add safety, and make priming problems a thing of the past.  Lutz B70V drum pumps -- stainless steel pump tube and rotor -- stator in PTFE, Viton, NBR or PE.

The gentle nature of this pump allows for handling shear sensitive liquids with high abrasives and solid up to 1/8" diameter.  This is a positive displacement pump that can have the ability to produce high pressures to 170 PSI and liquids with entrained air.  The pump can deal with temperatures to 284 F, non-lubricating fluids, and produce pulsation-free liquid flows that are repeatable to 1%.

Viscosity Ranges -- These pumps retain high efficiencies when dealing with liquids between 1000 and 50,000 cps however the stator material also can allow for pumping water like viscosities.  Viscosities over 50,000 can in most cases be pumped with a reduction of flow.

Flow and pressure -- Not an easy question to answer because of may factors affecting the pumping of thick liquids however generally for most applications, 5 GPM flows and pressures to 85 PSI are normal.   Factors affecting the performance are most affected by viscosity, pressure, material of stator, rotor pitch (we have three choices), and motor RPM.  These pumps are engineered for your specific application -- we need data regarding the chemical to select the material of the stator, back pressure on discharge of the pump (how much discharge piping will be used and what is the change in solution elevation, desired flow rate, electric motor or air motor.

Drive Motors -- As with the other Lutz drum pumps, the motors are easily removed with the use of the handwheel.   The motors for these units are however not interchangeable with the other drum pumps.  These motors are generally fixed RPM with a gear reduction to 20-200 RPM.   Air motors would normally run at a maximum of 900 RPM.

We have years of experience in the application of this type of pump.  Please provide as much data and unique solution properties for pump recommendations.

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