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Lutz Drum Pumps and Accessories

Inventor of first impeller design drum pump in 1962

Lutz drum pumps are use for transferring liquids from drums or containers.   Completing this task is a safe and environmentally friendly method is the goal.  Lutz does not just make drum pumps -- issues of personal and environment are priorities.

The pump unit is a combination of a drum pump tube and a motor.  Additional accessories are available to deal with the important issues of personal and environment.

Drum pump tubes are available in polypropylene, Kynar, aluminum, Hastelloy C or 316 stainless steel for solutions with viscosity up to 1000 CPS. Stainless steel and Hastelloy C are Zone 0 for handling flammable fluids.

The standard pumps provided in sealless design (MSL) for clean liquid or mechanical sealed (MMS) for slight abrasive service.  High viscosity rotor / stator pump tubes are ideal for thick liquids with abrasives.

High viscosity - progressive cavity pump tubes are available in 316 stainless steel to handle up to 10,000 CPS or up to 87 PSI. 

Pumps that can provide near complete drainage of a drum are available in polypropylene or 316 stainless steel.  Just slide a lever and close the suction to trap the liquid in the pump tube.

Need to prevent fume emissions from the drum ?  We have optional fume barrier to   prevent the fumes from escaping into the environment without imploding the drum.

Batch controllers / flowmeters are constructed of PVC or stainless steel -- controls the amount of liquid that the pump will dispense - Accurate +/- 1%

Pumps that mix and then can be switched with a lever to a drum pump are available in polypropylene or 316 stainless steel.

Vertical mixers are available to produce low sheer mixing of powers and liquids for tanks or drums up to 500 gallons and 2000 CPS. 

Motors selection is determined by the environmental conditions surrounding the motor.  ODP motors are suitable for most applications; Enclosed (TEFC) motors are used for highly corrosive environments; Explosion proof air or electric motor are used in the presents of flammables.


The plastic drum and container pump / mixers must not be used for flammable liquids. For flammables see  Silver Star or MD-2 motors and stainless steel pump tubes.

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