Lutz_Logo.jpg (9657 bytes) MSL Series - Sealless - New Design
MSL-PP Polypro Pump Tube
MSL-SS stainless steel
MSL-ALU Aluminum

Pump Tube Lengths - 27", 39", 47", & 63"
Special length to 118"

For a wide range of acids and alkalis


The sealless Lutz pump tube is designed that it can run dry for short periods.   It is suitable for pumping clean, thin or slightly viscous, aggressive and non-aggressive liquids.  The pump tube is ideal for transfer out of drums, containers or totes.  The pump tube is non-lubricated and will not contamination of the liquids pumped.  It is not suitable for flammable liquids except when constructed of stainless steel.  If liquids crystallize, are sticky or have abrasives use MMS Series Mechanical Sealed tubes. 

Examples of liquids pumped

Acids, Alkalis, Plating Solutions, Phosphates, Sulfates, Nitrates, Chlorates, Paints and Inks, Water, thin-bodied Oils, Sulfites.

Design Features

Lutz pump tubes are immersible centrifugal pumps. The impeller or rotor pumps liquid up the pump tube and discharged through the outlet near the top of the pump.   The drive shaft (high nickel or stainless steel) of this pump tube is not sealed however the bearing housing unit behind the impeller is designed to prevent pumped liquid from rising between the shaft and the inner tube. This device guides the liquid, which penetrates, between the drive shaft and the shaft bearing back into the container being drained.  Two types of pumping elements are available: axial-flow = R (rotor) and radial-flow = L (impeller).  The rotor is ideal for most transfer application -- it produces the most flow rate (30 - 40 GPM) at moderate pressures (10-15 PSI).  The impeller is used when higher pressure (20-25 PSI) is desired.  Conversion in the field from rotor to impeller is quite simple.  The actual pump flow / pressure is dependent upon the motor selected as is the maximum viscosity and solution specific gravity.  Generally, rotors are suitable for up to 400 cps and 1.6 Sp. Gr. -- impellers up to 1000 cps and 2.0 Sp. Gr.  For best assurance of desired results, please provide us with details for final selection.  

Sealed vs. Sealless - pump details

A handwheel is used to attach the pump tube to the motor -- it is simply turned to tighten.  The hand wheel also serves as a protection device in the event of the pump being dropped and is used as a hand support during transfer or when the pump is hung in the wall bracket.

Accessories supplied with poly pump tube include: wall bracket, 8 feet 3/4" ID PVC tubing, hose clamps and barrel adapter.   Stainless and Hastelloy pumps include:  wall hanger, 10' bonding wire, (2) 6' grounding wire.  Aluminum pump includes wall hanger.  Optional quick disconnect fittings, larger tubing, and other accessories are available for all models. 

  MSL-PP polypro MSL-SS stainless MSL-ALU aluminum SL-PVDF**
Pump tube (body) polypropylene stainless steel aluminum Kynar
shaft SS or Hastelloy C stainless steel Hastelloy C
impeller / rotor polypropylene Tefzel
lower bearing PTFE carbon */Tefzel
pump foot Kynar stainless steel Kynar
Maximum Temperature 122 F 212 F 248 F

* Optional Rulon bushing should be used for Nitric Acid

Details of pump tube - polypro, stainless, aluminum, Kynar**

1) New bearing housing - Special alloy housing for bearings. Provides for: better dissipation of heat, outlet for fume emission, increased bearing life, decreased operating temperature.  Can be unscrewed from out-run piece.

1) New Bearings - Provide shaft stability and increased radial loads. Sealed bearings prevents premature bearing failure due to corrosion

2) Drive Shaft - Choice of Stainless Steel or Hastelloy C

3) New out-run piece provides discharge -  Complete separate part that permits bearing housing to be removed

3) Out run seal to protect bearings - Provides extra protection for bearings

4) Separate outer tube - Connects suction and discharge ends. New design offers more stability and can be easily replaced.

5) Intermediary plain bearing to support drive shaft -  PTFE material for polypro, carbon for metal pumps

6) Lower bearing housing  - Provides supports for shaft at impeller end. One separate assembly that provides a leak path for liquid from pump back to container. Incorporates bearing of PTFE for corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and enhanced bearing life.

7) New larger impeller/rotor - Improved performance

8) Pump foot  - Houses impeller and guides flow of liquid. Twist-off design, allows for quick service or changeover from rotor to impeller or vice-versa.

** PVDF (Kynar) pump tube uses a PVDF upper bearing housing and is supplied with only the impeller - rotor is not available.

Lutz Drum MSL.jpg (48024 bytes)
Lutz Drum MSL performance.jpg (29792 bytes) Pump flow and pressure is shown with the MSL-PPH-41 pump tube and B28.   Motor Model will change actual performance.

Motors for pump tubes

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