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Mixer / pump tubes - combination pump and mixer

Polypropylene or  stainless steel

Lutz MP Mixing Pump Tube.JPG (8787 bytes)MP Series pump tubes are dual purpose - in one position it works just like the MMS Series drum pump tube, delivering up to 25 to 35 GPM from a drum, and then, with a slide of the lever, as a mixer to mix solution within a drum that has settled.  The slide lever, located just below the handwheel will open 12 holes within the pump tube allowing solution to be pumped from the bottom of the drum and pumped to the upper half of the drum -- when mixing is complete slide the lever to close the holes and start pumping.  A mid point in the slide lever will produce limited mixing and limited pumping.  A control valve or nozzle should be used during mixing to prevent liquid from weeping from the discharge port.
MP pump tube specifications - flow ratings with B28 motor

Polypropylene - 39" - polypro tube, ceramic Viton seal, carbon bushing, Hastelloy C shaft -- Max. temperature 122 F, 1000 cps, up to 37 GPM, up to 26 feet

Stainless Steel - 39" - 316SS tube & shaft, ceramic Viton seal, ETFE impeller, carbon bushing--  Max. temperature 212 F, 900 cps, up to 51 GPM, up to 36 feet

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