Lutz_Logo.jpg (8399 bytes) Complete Drainage drum pumps

Polypro, stainless RE88 Pump Tubes

Lutz RB88 Tube.jpg (16972 bytes)RE88 pump tubes are designed to allow for near complete drainage of the contents of a drum using a drum pump with a manual check valve on the end of the pump tube.  Traditional drum pumps will pump liquids to near the bottom of the drum however when they are turned off, the liquid that is in the pump will drain back into the drum.  To prevent this liquid from returning to the drum, a slide valve is used to trap the liquid within the pump tube -- the liquid would later be drained in another location probably the next drum.  For near complete drainage of the drum, it could be tilted to get most of the last bit of liquid left in the drum.  These pump tube are similar to the MMS Series pump tube and use the same motors.
Lutz Runback Stop-1.jpg (2821 bytes) During normal operation, the stop port is open to allow the liquid to feed to the impeller.
Lutz Runback Stop-2.jpg (2406 bytes) When the drum is empty, the slide lever is moved to close the bottom of the pump tube to trap solution.
Lutz Runback Stop-3.jpg (1886 bytes) When the drum is almost empty, it can be tilted to pick up additional liquid.
Lutz Runback Stop-4.JPG (1605 bytes) Drum pump tubes normally are designed to feed solution from the side and well as from the bottom.  This leaves additional solution in the drum.
Lutz Runback Stop-5.JPG (1120 bytes) RE 88 pump tubes are designed to feed only from the bottom of the tube for the minimum amount of solution to be left within the drum.
Lutz Curve RE88.jpg (25289 bytes)Models available in polypropylene and stainless steel in the following standard lengths:  27", 39" and 47"


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