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Accessories for drum pumps and mixers

Lutz Accessories.jpg (32333 bytes) The accessories shown left may be provided with the pump to complete your pumping system.


Below are details and part numbers for each of the offerings.




Nozzles: PP, PVDF, stainless steel, brass
Lutz 0204-716.JPG (8236 bytes)1 - PP nozzle

For filling and transferring neutral and aggressive liquids. With two outlet spouts dia. 0.9" (cylindrical) and ½" (tapered). Polypropylene (PP) housing and valve tappet. FPM (Viton®) seals. Other seals on request.

Operating pressure: max. 43.5 PSI at 68° F
Viscosity: max. 760 cps
Rate of flow: 13.2 GPM (water)
Temperature of medium: max. 122° F
Weight: approx. 0.55 lbs.
hose barb ¾" Order # 0204-716
hose barb 1" Order # 0204-717

Lutz 0204-737.JPG (7230 bytes)1 – PVDF nozzle

For filling and transferring neutral and aggressive liquids. With two outlet spouts dia. 0.9" (cylindrical) and ½" (tapered). Polyvinylidene (PVDF) housing and valve tappet. FPM/( Viton®) seals. Additional costs for seal Kalrez® or Viton® /FEP see price-list. Other seals on request.

Operating: max. 43.5 PSI
Viscosity: max. 760 cps
Rate of flow: max. 13.2 GPM (water)
Temperature of medium: max. 176° F
Weight: approx. 0.7 lbs.
hose barb ¾" Order # 0204-737
hose barb 1" Order # 0204-738

Lutz 0204-689.JPG (9518 bytes)1 – Stainless steel nozzle -- Ideally suitable for filling and transferring liquids in food and pharmaceutical industries. Stainless steel 316 housing and valve tappet FPM (Viton® ) seals. Optional seal EPDM or Teflon encapsulated (Viton® /FEP). Other seals on request. Available with male threads 1".

Operating pressure: max. 43.5 PSI
Viscosity: max. 760 cps
Rate of flow: Max. 13.2 GPM (water)
Temperature of medium: max. 176° F
Weight: approx. 2.2 lbs.
hose barb ¾" Order # 0204-689 (EX)
hose barb 1" Order # 0204-699 (EX)
hose barb 1 ¼" Order # 0204-700 (EX)
male thread 1" Order # 0204-730 (EX)

Lutz 0372-498.JPG (9542 bytes)
1 – Brass nozzle with turning knuckle -- Brass housing and valve tappet. PTFE seals. For filling and transferring solvents and neutral liquids.

Operating pressure: max. 58psi
Viscosity: max. 760 cps
Rate of flow: max. 21.1 GPM (water)
Temperature of medium: max. 176° F
Weight: approx. 1.32 lbs.
Connection: female thread 1" Order # 0372-498 (EX)

 Hoses, Hose clamps, Hose connection, Reducer, Quick-action hose couplings
Lutz 0374-423.JPG (6480 bytes)   2 – PVC hose

Transparent, flexible PVC hoses for non-flammable liquids.
Operating pressure: max. 35 PSI at 72° F
Nominal diameter:
¾" Order # 0374-423
1" Order # 0374-424

Lutz 0374-424.JPG (6627 bytes) 
2 – Electrically conductive hoses  -- Caution: Electrical conductivity is assured through the use of break-resistant textile copper threads in the rubber coating. If correctly installed, resistance during the entire life of these will remain below 106 ohms.  Contact  for details.
Lutz 0000-001.JPG (7775 bytes)3 – Hose connection --included with pumps

4 – Hose clamps -- Stainless steel hose clamps to secure hoses at the hose connection.   Nominal diameter: 11/16" to 1 ¼" Order # 0000-001

Lutz 0204-072 0372-024&025.JPG (5299 bytes)5 – Reducer -- To connect quick connect/disconnect hose coupling with pump tube. Female thread 1 ½" and 1".Material:
PP Order # 0204-072 
Stainless steel Order # 0372-019 (EX)

6 – Quick-action hose coupling Male Adapter -- Material:
stainless steel, male 1" Order # 0372-024 (EX)
PP, male 1" Order # 0372-026

7 – Female hose couplings -- Ensure rapid, leakproof connection between pump and hose. Material:
stainless steel, female 1", seal FEP/EPDM Order # 0372-025 (EX)
PP, female 1", seal Viton® Order # 0372-027

A complete quick-action hose coupling consists of reducing sleeve plus female and male coupling element.

Barrel adapter, Emission proof fume barrier, Foot strainers, Discharge spouts

Lutz 0208-007.JPG (3695 bytes)8 – Barrel adapter -- supports the pump tube in the bunghole, preventing pump from tilting drum when empty.
For pump tubes:  PP, PVDF-MS Order # 0208-007 -- MMS/MSL, ALU/SS, MP SS, RE 88 SS Order # 0204-215
For pump tubes:  B2 - PP-39 Order # 0208-009 -- B2 - PP-25" Order # 0208-011 -- B2 - SS Order # 0208-010
Lutz 0208-013.JPG (4646 bytes)8 – Barrel adapter in galvanized steel -- For mixing pump
PP Order # 0208-013 --
B70V Order # 0204-169
Lutz 0204-250.JPG (5609 bytes)9 – Emission proof fume barrier

To prevent emission of dangerous gases when using a drum pump, thus protecting the operator, the environment and the drive motor from hazardous, aggressive gases and vapors. Two venting valves ensure pressure compensation inside and outside the drum.   Connection for gas displacement pipe: 3/8" female  Seals: Viton® as standard.  Other threads and seals materials on request

Material: Pump tube diameter:
PP 1.58 and 1.62 inches Order # 0204-250
Brass 1.62 inches Order # 0204-252 (EX)
Stainless steel 1.62 inches Order # 0204-253 (EX)

Lutz 0343-105.JPG (6420 bytes)10 – Foot strainers  - Available in PP, brass and stainless steel, for mounting on the pump foot.  Prevents impurities from entering the pump.

Material: Pump tube:
PP PP dia. 40mm Order # 0343-105
PP PP dia. 41mm Order # 0343-177
Brass ALU dia. 41 mm, SS dia. 41mm Order # 0204-633(EX)
Stainless steel HC dia. 38mm Order # 0204-632 (EX)
Stainless steel SS dia. 41 mm Order # 0204-617 (EX)
Stainless steel B70V Order # 0204-802 (EX)

Lutz 0204-200.JPG (4932 bytes)11 – Discharge spouts  -- Serving to transfer or fill liquids to other vessels. Available in PP, aluminum, and stainless steel. Spouts are connected onto the pump discharge.

Material / Nominal diameter / wing nut:
PP / ¾"  / 1 ¼" --  Order # 0204-200
ALU / 1" / 1 ¼"  -- Order # 0204-373
SS /  1" /  1 ¼" -- Order # 0204-225 (EX)
SS /  1 ½" / 1 ½" --  Order # 0204-226 (EX)(for B70V)

Lutz 0204-308.JPG (5772 bytes)12 – Wall hanger  -- For storage of drum pumps, consisting of a pump tube with hand wheel and universal, compressed air or three-phase gear motors. This facility helps protect pumps from damage and maintain their valve.  For pump tube with hand wheel Order # 0204-308

12 – Wall hanger   -- for storage of a drum pump.  - B70V-D/DA Order # 0204-309  - B70V-SR Order # 0204-307

Lutz 0205-038.JPG (5654 bytes)13 – Side mount clamp -- To fasten the drum pumps in open-topped drums and containers. Suitable for different pump tube diameters.

For pump tubes:
PP,ALU, SS and PVDF Order # 0205-040
HC Order # 0205-038
For pump tube B70-V Order # 0205-052

Lutz Ele.Flow Control Sys.JPG (10224 bytes)14 – Modular electrical flow control system -- For metering all kinds of liquids. Wide range of applications: Directly at the drum pump, remote or in-line operation possible. Convenient pre-setting of required volume using a numerical keypad. A comprehensive range of system components offers practical problem solutions. Two standard and three explosion proof meter versions are available.  For more details


New TR Series Totalizer - For measuring lower viscosity liquids from your drum pump.  Unit is battery powered for safety and ease of usage.  Display in Gallons or optional Liters.  Polypropylene or PVDF liquid contact materials with Viton gaskets.  Mounts easily on the discharge of the pump.  

For bulletin in PDF format

Necessary accessories for use in hazardous locations.

Bonding - is the electrical interconnection between containers (such as drum and a receiving can). Bonding must be completed before pumping begins. For better conductivity paint and dirt shall be removed from the contact points.

Grounding – is the electrical connection between a container and a "constant ground". A "constant ground" would be a metal pipe (water pipe) or rod in contact with the earth. An underground tank and piping connected to it would be inherently grounded by nature of the installation.

Both Bonding and Grounding – of containers of flammable liquids are required under U.S. Government OSHA regulations and National Fire Protection Association Code 77, static electricity.

Metal pumps in stainless steel or Hastelloy "C" and pump motor must be bonded to metal container or grounded, if used with plastic container. Normal safety procedures must be used at all times when operation any piece of machinery.  Please see details of elastomers for pump and hand nozzles when using for solvents.

 Accessories for air motors