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To meet the growing challenges of customers and their environments, Lutz has developed an efficient cost-effective flow meter, using existing measuring technology and state of the art electronics. The flow meter can be combined with selected accessories to form a complete flow control system.

The Lutz Flow Control System - Benefits:
  • Modular Construction
  • Robust Design
  • Choice of Resistant Materials
  • Fingertip Calibration
  • Remote Control Facility
  • Large 6-Digit LCD Display
  • Built-in Data Protection
  • Memory Capacity for 9 different liquids
  • Protective Strainer provided
  • Battery Condition Indicator
  • No special Batteries required
  • Easy Installation
  • Trouble-free Maintenance
  • Optimization of a tried and tested technology.
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The above features a complete system for environmental safety comprising MSL-PP pump tube, automatic flow and emission control unit.

The modular structure of the Lutz flow control system makes the meters suitable for a wide range of applications. The individual modules (measuring element, control unit, relay module, protective cover) can be used in any combination, depending on the situation for which the meter is required.

The measuring element/control unit combination functions like a flow meter/totalizer, and allow the delivery rate and the total to be displayed. The Lutz flow control system can be used as a batch control system with a pre-settable delivery amount by adding a relay module with control cables and a solenoid valve.

The control unit and the relay module can be installed together with the measuring element as a complete unit. However, they can also be used as remote control elements, for example in a control room, independently of the location. In this case, the protective cover-which if fitted onto the measuring element-functions as a data transmitter between this element and the controller.  The data circuit is formed using easily identifiable connectors.

The Lutz flow meters can be installed on a drum pump, on any other non-pulsating pump or directly in the pipeline.  The modular design of the Lutz flow control system facilitates a combination of reliability and economical operation, which was previously unattainable.

Flow Meter

At the heart of the Lutz flow meter system is a measuring chamber with a nutating disc. The liquid passing through the chamber causes the disc to rotate about its axis, sending an impulse via a magnetic coupling to the display unit which in turn records the flow. Calibration for various liquids is done simply by keying-in the respective factors. The flow meter is available in PVC or 316 stainless steel.

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Advantages of the Lutz flow meters:

For mounting on drum and container pumps, fittings with screw thread, measuring cell protected from impurities by an integrated strainer, optional non-return valve, integrated control unit, either direct input or pre-settable delivery rate, large LCD for easy reading, even at a distance, control unit can be rotated in 90 steps in any direction, volume unit simple to set, additional operating mode display, 6-digit display of the total delivery rate, flow velocity display, optional liquid level function, easy battery replacement.

Display Unit
The display unit represents the "user interface" for the measuring equipment and electronic evaluation unit. It features a LCD display, decimal keypad and eight function keys. The measuring equipment and control unit modules make up the basic configuration of the Lutz low meter system.

Protective cover protects the measuring equipment module or relay module if the display unit and/or relay modules are installed remote (remote indication and control).

Relay Module
The relay module turns the Lutz flow meter into a batch control system with pre-selected volume. It represents the control center for the motor actuation and valve switching functions.

Measuring equipment is a mechanical system with measuring chamber using the nutating disc principle for volumetric measurement of the liquids flowing through.

Lutz drum pumps, as you might expect, become an integral part of the batch control system.  The electric motor is controlled by the relay module to provide the on-off switching for the pump's motor.

Shut Off Valve
An optional electric solenoid valve can be provided to insure positive shut-off of solution flow.  This valve is selected based upon the chemical and estimated delivery rate.

Control Wires
Control wiring is provided to easily connect all components to the controller.  Grounding wires are provided as necessary to control static electricity.

Application 1

Flow meter with drum pump

The liquid is pumped from one container to another. The explosion proof meter system is installed directly on the drum pump.

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Application 2

Remote control

The liquid is pumped from on container to another. The two containers are a long distance apart or in separate rooms. The control unit is secured to the hose at the nozzle. The pulses are transmitted by means of the protective cover through data line to display unit.

Advantages of the Lutz relay module:

Simple, reliable plug connection between the measuring element and the control unit, easily assembled, ready to use immediately, integrated in the meter assembly to save space, simultaneous control of the pump motor and the solenoid valve, system protected by fault detection function.

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Application 3

Batch control system with pre-settable delivery
rate and solenoid valve

The liquid is pumped at a preset read amount. Both the pump motor and solenoid valve are activated by the relay module integrated in the batch control system.

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Application 4

Batch control system with pre-settable amount
for remote operation

With the Relay/Operating unit located away from the transfer station you are able to operate from your control room-avoiding operator to be exposed to toxic fumes from liquid being transferred. Also, the most efficient way to operate 2 or more Drum pumps when batching multiple liquids in mixing processes. This option will also extend the life of the electronics in the Relay and Operating unit when used in a corrosive environment.

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Bulletin for Batch Controller - PDF File  

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