Memphis Pumps -

Cast Iron Centrifugal Pumps - Close Coupled - Frame Mounted

Memphis MFP – Pressure Booster Pump

These pumps give high heads at low volume and are recommended for boosting water pressure for washdown lines and similar applications. Adds up to 60 PSI to existing pressure.


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Performance Curve

  • Capacity: to 60 GPM
  • Heads: to 146 Feet
  • Cast Iron construction
  • 1HP through 3 HP
  • 56J frame NEMA motor
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Mechanical seal
  • 1 " FNPT suction – 1"FNPT discharge

Memphis' pumps are designed and built to standards developed over many years of pump manufacture and will give years of reliable, efficient service. Motors are American made NEMA type. Volutes are cast from close grain gray iron with large intake and discharge openings to prevent back pressure and maintain hydraulic efficiency. The volute can be mounted in any of four positions so the discharge port is in line with the piping, and is equipped with four pipe plugs so one will be "UP" and one will be "DOWN" regardless of how the volute is installed. The impeller is screwed onto the shaft and locked with stainless nut and lock washer. The mechanical shaft seal is self-adjusting for longer wear, and can be easily replaced by maintenance personnel when necessary.

Memphis MPH & MPA – Close Coupled – Enclosed Impeller

MPH and MPA pumps are cast iron construction for general purpose applications from water transfer, alkaline cleaner circulation or filtration, to transfer of mild chemical solutions that are compatible with the material of the pump. This series of pumps use an enclosed impeller for good hydraulic efficiency and are design for 3500 RPM

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Cross Section View

Performance Curve
For 6" diameter pump – for pressure to 115 feet

For 8" diameter pump – for pressures from 115 to 260 feet




Volute: Close grained cast iron construction with large suction and discharge ports to prevent cavitation. Volutes have pipe plugs for draining and venting the pump, and can be rotated in 90o increments to conform to piping layouts.

Impeller: Enclosed, one piece cast construction, statically balanced for vibration free operation. Mounts directly onto the motor shaft, either by being keyed or threaded.

Motors: All motors are NEMA standard, 56J threaded shaft or JM type close coupled pump motors.

The MPH Series is available in sizes delivering from 10 GPM at 48 ft. (MPH-33S powered with 1/3 HP motor) up to 280 GPM at 80 ft. (MPH-750T with 71/2 HP motor). A pump-motor combination can be selected that will give almost any volume/head configuration required, within the minimum maximum limits.

Model MPA pumps are suitable for capacities up to 600 GPM, and heads to 280 feet. Motors range from 5 to 25 HP.

Memphis MPO Open Impeller Pumps

Memphis' Open Impeller Centrifugal Pumps are excellent for general duty uses, but they are especially suitable for pumping granular solutions. The open impellers will pass spheres up to 5/16" which enables these pumps to pump slurries, wetable powders and liquids containing clots or semi-solid masses.

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Performance Curves

  • MPO – Open Impeller
  • Capacities: 10 to 180 GPM
  • Heads: to 93 Feet
  • Cast Iron, Cast Bronze, or CI with bronze fitted construction
  • 1/3 HP through 3 HP
  • Frames 56J through 184 JM
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Mechanical seals

Motors are American made NEMA type, 56J or JM frame, with stainless shafts or sleeved shafts, depending on size. TEFC or ODP motor enclosures are available.

Volutes are cast iron and can be rotated in 90o increments to align the discharge port with the discharge pipe. The volute is provided with four pipe plugs. On 1/3 through 1 HP motors the impeller is screwed onto the shaft and locked with stainless lock washer and nut. On larger motors, this impeller is keyed to the shaft, and locked in place with a stainless steel cap screw and lock washer.

The self-adjusting mechanical seal can easily be replaced in the field. Seal construction is dependent upon the application.

Memphis' pumps can be furnished in cast iron, bronze, or bronze fitted. Special seals are also available when required for handling corrosive liquids.

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