Met-Chem logo.jpg (3614 bytes) Filter Presses
  • 1 to 100 cubic feet
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frames
  • Manual or Hydraulic

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1 cu. ft. 470mm with manual closure.

Met-Chem Filter Presses feature heavy duty steel construction with polypro gasketed plates. Presses can be manufactured with manual or automatic closures, but always with a hydraulic cylinder for sure, high pressure closing. Met-Chem's filter presses are always expandable for larger future capacity.

Standard Features:

 •Air Driven Hydraulic Closing Pump with Pressure Gauge on Automatic Units

•2 Stage Hand Pump on Manual Units

•Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinder for Opening and Closing of Press

•Polypro Gasketed Recessed Plates for Leak Free Operation

•Air Blown Manifold Piping for Air Drying Filter Cakes

•Air Line Filter, Oilier, Regulator and Gauge on Automatic Units

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5 cu. ft. 630mm with automatic closure.   Plates are polypro with gaskets for dry operation.

Optional Features:

  • Sludge Dump Carts for Sludge Collecting and Dumping
  • Cat-Walk Platform with Raised Legs for Disposal into Drums or Our Sludge Dryer
  • Automatic Plate Shifter for Ease of Cleaning
  • Distance Piece for Future Expansion
  • Leg Mounted Control Panel
  • Diaphragm Pump for Solids Feed to the Filter Press

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10 cubic foot 800mm filter press with air-blown manifold piping helps us achieve the driest cake possible. Shown with optional dump cart.

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5 cu. 630mm filter press with our optional control panel mounted in leg.

Our filter presses have been used on: 
  • Dewatering Sludge from industry
  • Reclaiming Precious Metals
  • Processing of Pharmaceuticals
  • Product Filtration
  • Dewatering Hazardous Wastes
  • Process Waste Waters in EPA Approved Treatment Systems

Filter Press Specifications

The selection of the cloth material is important to the overall performance of a filter press.  Some solutions may require a precoating of the media for best results.  We will offer assistance in selection of the best media material for your application.  The factory can test solutions and offer rental units upon request.

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