Met-Chem logo.jpg (3614 bytes) Sludge Dryers
  • Steam, hot water or Electric
  • 17 sizes - 1 to 75 cubic feet capacity
  • 4 to 1 reductions of sludge
  • Stainless steel internal parts
Met-Chem Sludge Dryers are designed sludge-1.jpg (7141 bytes)for small, medium and large quantity sludge generators. These units can fit under the filter press for direct loading or can be located elsewhere in the plant. The sludge is dried by the heated liner of our unit while it is broken-up and circulated by our spiral blade system. The dryer liner uses either steam or electric strips for its heat source. Our preheated airflow system draws the moisture off the top of the internal dryer and out through our wet scrubber system. After 3-5 hours of drying time the reduced sludge is removed by simply opening our discharge panel underneath our units for gravity discharge into a container. A conveyor auger is available as an option to remove the sludge upward if the disposal container is elevated above the dryer.

Sludge Dryer Benefits sludge-2.jpg (6163 bytes)

  • Uses low cost steam, hot water or gas for heat source
  • Available with electric heat as an alternative
  • 1-5 cubic feet sludge capacities available in our Mini-Series with capacity up to 75 cubic feet in our Maxi Series
  • Internal parts are all mode of stainless steel
  • Simple control panel allows for easy operation and maintenance
  • High temperature seals protect the bearings allowing long-term sealing and operation of auger shaft
  • Temperature is controlled for over temperature protection
  • Stainless steel wet fume scrubber is available as optional equipment
  • Sludge reduction savings offers an easy pay back on equipment purchase and operating costs
  • Unit dimensions can be altered to fit each individual installation
  • Up to 4 to 1 reduction of sludge volume can be expected

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