Fabrications of polypropylene, polyethylene or PVC sheet goods

wpe1.jpg (5658 bytes) This portable cart was designed for in plant transfer of three different chemicals.  Each of the three cell contains a vertical transfer pump.  The cart is moved from location to location as a filling station.  An extension cord is contained on the end opposite the handle.  Above is a powered electrical outlet for use by the pumps (motors are blue in color).
wpe2.jpg (8329 bytes)  

A plating module complete with filtration systems and heaters. The digital temperate controllers are mounted above the working area.  Includes a rinse station and a storage cabinet.  The rear area include exhaust hood and duct manifold system.  Construction is white polypropylene.

wpe3.jpg (10983 bytes) The rear view of a plating module.  Piping and exhaust duct are shown.  Construction is white polypropylene and steel support members are painted with epoxy paint system for corrosion protection.  Inlet water and waste drains are plumbed prior to shipment.
wpe4.jpg (5092 bytes) A rinse sink with exhaust system.  Clear covers are closed with not in use to reduce exhaust air required.  Combination of white polypropylene, white PVC and acrylic are pleasing to the eye and functional.  Access doors are sliding for easy movement and quick removal. Interior lighting, clean water and waste lines have been included.

These are just a few of the examples of our custom fabrication vendors' abilities to assist in design of your custom equipment.  Quality tanks at competitive prices -- using the highest quality fabrication techniques -- over 20 years of experience serving the needs of the printed circuit and plating industries.   Contact us with your requirements for custom fabrication.