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Thermoplastic rod with float - Magnets are embedded within the float.  When the float passed the micro switch in the rod, the switch is actuated.  The LA3000 is a simple two switch that is so easy to configure that we normally provide the unit in kit form that allows for last minute field fabrication changes.  The LA2000 is a step further in that it can be supplied with up to 6 level switches and is available in polypropylene and PVDF (Kynar) for high temperature installations.

PGK LEVEL ALERT 3000 - LIQUID LEVEL CONTROLLER   Priced under $ 250.00

                       THE PROGRAMMABLE "HI-LOW" LIQUID LEVEL CONTROLLERPGK LA3000-3.jpg (6338 bytes)

The PGK Level Alert 3000 liquid level controller will reduce the potential of expensive liquid spills and contamination in your operation. This low cost device makes automation possible in any process operation involving fluids, regardless of size. The LA3000 is adaptable to virtually any application, and its ease of installation has resulted in satisfied customers finding numerous other uses for this device in their operations.

PGK’s LA3000 will automatically maintain a high or low fluid level in tanks, sumps, vats, or other holding vessels. Each unit is provided in kit form, with step-by-step instructions that make it extremely easy to custom fit the Level Alert 3000 to your control requirements.

The LA3000 is rugged made, and totally sealed from the environment. This means years of trouble-free operation. This unit is also sold as a kit that allows for easy field fabrication of length and set points.  The kit is standard in a 6 foot length.


  • Municipal Water Treatment Stations
  • Plating Shops
  • Film Processing Laboratories
  • Municipal Sewage Treatment Facilities
  • Chemical Manufacturers
  • Ship Builders (Bilge Control)
  • Food Processors
  • Oil & Gas Distributors
  • Breweries and Canneries


  • Custom assembly provides the exact hi-low operation differential needed.
  • All wetted parts are polypropylene, making them impervious to a wide range of acid/base pH levels.
  • Unit functions with no metallic or electrical contact with the liquid.
  • Simple, highly reliable magnetic type sealed switch provides years of trouble-free service.
  • Multiple set point available.  Configure for tank filling or emptying.
  • Controls fluid depths from as little as 3.25 inch (8.2 cm.) up to 5.79 feet (1.7m.).
  • Switches may be set within 1 1/2" of each other
  • Capable of operating solenoid valves and deactivating heaters.
  • Latching relay provides up to 20-amp load carrying capacity.
  • Made in U.S.A.
    Bulletin         Installation Manual
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  • Supplied with 2" MNPT fitting for mounting
  • Wetted Parts:  Polypropylene standard - Kynar optional
  • Liquid Temp…………180 degrees F. Maximum
  • Maximum Pressure………………..Atmospheric
  • Minimum Specific Gravity…………………..0.8
  • Column Voltage…………………………24VAC
  • Load Voltage..120VAC, 0.75 H.P., Single Phase or 240VAC. 1.50 H.P., Single Phase
  • Supply Voltage……………..24, 120 or 240VAC


Similar in design function to the LA3000, the LA2000 is available with your choice of 1 to 6 switches, available in 8 inches to 20-foot lengths. The switches are activated by a float rising and lowering with the fluid. Additional floats and stop collars may be added to hold each switch in a latched position. The switch to terminal block wiring makes wiring to your controller simple. It also allows for your choice of normally open or normally closed positions.

The LA2000 is available in polypropylene or Kynar (PVDF).  Maintenance of the LA2000 is extremely simple since it requires only periodic checks of the float and column for foreign matter buildup. This switch is factory assembled and tested to insure a quality product.pgk2000.jpg (15555 bytes)


  • Supplied with 2" MNPT fitting for mounting
  • Wetted Parts…Polypropylene or PVDF
  • Liquid Temp…180 Degrees Maximum
  • Minimum Specific Gravity…………0.8
  • Overall Length…….8 inches to 20 feet
  • Supply Voltage……24, 120 or 240VAC
  • Load Voltage………3.0amps AC or DC
  • Maximum Power Rating………10 watts
  • Switch type……………………….SPDT


  • All wetted parts made from Polypropylene or PVDF
  • 8 inches to 20 feet column length
  • 1 to 6 switch positions
  • Extra floats & stop collars to hold switches in a latched or unlatched position
  • 1.25 float I.D. for liquids prone to foreign matter buildup
  • Perform functions such as: start pump, stop pump, sound alarm, trigger lights etc.
  • Be used with various corrosive and non-corrosive solutions
  • Prevent constant monitoring of tanks
  • Stops overflows
  • Prevent pump burnout’s (from pump constantly switching on and off)
  • Simultaneously runs 2 pumps in separate tanks



PGK, Incorporated warrants all instruments manufactured and sold by it to be free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use and service. The company agrees to repair or replace, at its option, any instrument which its examination reveals to have been defective, due to faulty workmanship of material must be returned to PGK, shipping charges prepaid, within ninety (90) days of purchase date. This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties express or implied, and of all obligations or liabilities on its part for damages including but not limited to consequential damages, following the use or misuse of instruments sold by it. No agent or representative is authorized to assume for PGK, inc. and liabilities except as set forth above. The company shall not be liable to the customer or others claiming through the customer for special or consequential damages for any reason whatsoever.

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