BSD Series for Corrosive and Ultra-Pure Liquids

Pom-bsd.jpg (10805 bytes)Designed for pressure applications with highly corrosive or ultra-pure liquid systems.  The valve is ideal for a broad range of industrial applications, from electronics to chemical plants, commercial laundries, car wash operations etc.  The Teflon diaphragm provides the ultimate in non-leaching, contamination-free sealing.  The standard valves are air pressure to open with spring return to close.  The standard valve will use liquid line pressure assists in the opening of the valve -- 10 PSI minimum.  For low pressure applications, the diaphragm will be attached -- BSDA Series.  The valves are not designed for vacuum service.

Pipe Size Orifice Diameter Cv Minimum Inlet Pressure* PVC Part Number**
1/4 5/16 1.1 20 BSD025T-NC-PV
1/2 1/2 3.4 10 BSD050T-NC-PV
3/4 5/8 5.8 10 BSD075T-NC-PV
1 3/4 6.3 10 BSD100T-NC-PV
1 1/2 1 1/4 17.0 10 BSD150T-NC-PV
2 engineering hold as of 7-28-2000 BSD200T-NC-PV

All Sizes

  • Pom-bsd.jpg (60673 bytes)Maximum Inlet Pressure - 100 PSI

  • Maximum Back Pressure - 25 PSI

  • Minimum Air Actuation - 40 PSI

  • Maximum Air Actuation - 100 PSI


* - If inlet pressure can fall below this valve, the diaphragm must be attached to the air piston.  This can be used for drain and pressure applications.  Change BSD to BSDA.  Minimum Inlet Pressure - 0 PSI for BSDA

** - change last letters to: PP for polypro, PF for PVDF, TF for Teflon body

Consult us for applications at elevated temperatures over 110 F.  Pressure rating are derated dependent upon the body material.  E-Mail :

Custom configurations are available for quantities over 25 units.  Modifications can include mounting holes, air by air actuation and normally open, socket and spigot connections.


BSD & BSDA Dimensions

1/8" NPT air inlet

40 - 100 PSI required

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