Chemical Gauge Guards

  • Series GGS - with new stainless steel threading insert

Plast-O-Matic Gauge Guards have been providing protection for gauges and pressure instruments for over 40 years.   This field proven product offers a choice of VitonŽ or TeflonŽ diaphragms.  The VitonŽ diaphragm can be used for vacuum applications to 30"Hg. and like the Teflon diaphragm can be supplied with gauges up to 200 PSI.  The large surface area of the diaphragm allows accurate transmission of solution pressure to the gauge with some tolerance for air bubbles within the gauge.  The diaphragm is strong -- and would not blow out even if the gauge were to be removed.  It is suggested that the diaphragm be replaced if this were to occur.  A removable upper housing is available if cleaning of the process side of the diaphragm is required -- the gauge and fill solution remain undisturbed.  Optional gauge shields are available to protect the gauge from the external environmental corrosion.  The clear acrylic shield can be used with top and back mounted gauges.   For extreme vibration or pulsation applications, a snubber insert is also available as an option.  The gauge connection uses a O-ring seal into a stainless steel insert -- this prevents the need to over tighten the gauge into guard.   Standard gauge connections are 1/4" FNPT with an option of 1/2" FNPT -- the process connection is 1/2" FNPT.

Pressure gauges are available as 2.5" diameter face all stainless steel  or a 2" diameter brass body gauge.  The guard isolates the internals of the gauge from the process fluid.

The gauge guard can be supplied with special gauges or supplied without a gauge per your requirements.

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Housing Materials
  • PVC
  • polypropylene - 20 % glass filled  
  • PVDF (KynarŽ)

Diaphragm Materials
  • VitonŽ - for 30" Hg. vacuum to 200 PSI
  • TeflonŽ - for 15 PSI to 200 PSI

Other options
  • Center (back) mount gauge
  • Snubber
  • Clear Acrylic Shield

Model Number System -- GGS T 100 - PF - SS

GGS T or V 100 PF (Option) SS
Gauge Guard (molded) TeflonŽ diaphragm

VitonŽ diaphragm

  • 1 =  no gauge
  • 000 = 0-30 Hg. (VitonŽ only)
  • 015 = 15 PSI
  • 030 = 30 PSI
  • 060 = 60 PSI
  • 100 = 100 PSI
  • 200 = 200 PSI
  • X1= no gauge- 1/2" FNPT gauge connection 

PP= polypro


SS - stainless steel gauge

Brass - brass gauge

C=center mount gauge

R=removable housing

S= snubber

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Notes regarding replacement of diaphragm -- In 1997, a re-design was made to incorporate an O-ring compression seal located on the gauge side of the Teflon diaphragm.  Replacement diaphragm for the new design is available -- the pre-'97 is not.