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Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc.

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For more than 40 years, Plast-O-Matic Valves has been developing the highest quality thermoplastic piping accessories to meet the ever changing markets.  A leader with the high-tech Silicon Valley type circuit and wafer manufacturers.  Those that compare product performance Specify Plast-O-Matic Valves.   KTH Sales has been recognized as a member of  the "TOP 10 CLUB" among distributors many time during the last 30 years.  We are proud to offer technical support and sales assistance.   Whether your needs are OEM, resale distributor or end user -- KTH Sales will assist in selection of the best product for your demanding application.

Gauge Guards -- GGMT, GGME and GGMU

Check Valves - Diaphragm - CK, CKM, CKD, CKS, VB 

Pressure Relief Valves -- RVT, RVDT and RVTM,

Air Release and Degassing Valves -- ARV and DGV

Pressure Regulating Valves -- PRM, PRD, PRE, PRU, PR and PRH Series

Manual Self-Closing Valves - MFR Series 

Sight Flow Indicators - GY, GX, GYX and GL Series

Flow Control Valves - FC Series

Metering Pump - VPA Series

Manual Ball Valves - MBV and TMBV Series

Electric Solenoid Valves - EAS, EASY, EASMT, EAST,

Pilot Operated Electric Solenoid Valves - PS

Electric Actuated Ball Valves- EBVA and TEBVA Series

Actuated Diaphragm Valves -- BSD and BSDA SeriesPOM-11watt.jpg (10472 bytes)

Pneumatic Actuated Ball Vales - ABVA, ABVS, ABRA, ABRS, ABMS, TABVA, TABVS, TARA, TARS and TABMS - smallnew.gif (926 bytes)Now with manual over ride option for 1 1/4" - 2"

Pneumatic Actuated Shutoff Valves - BLT, BAT, BST, BFS and F

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FAIL-DRY® Concept

FAIL-DRY is a Plast-O-Matic patented design safety feature describing the unique concept of having a vented chamber separating two sealed sections of a valve or pump. In the event of lower (primary) seal failure, an upper (secondary) seal will continue to keep the operating media dry. Only controls with the patented FAIL-DRY feature offer this unique protection. FAIL-DRY permits a valve or pump to remain functioning after a primary seal failure, thereby keeping the process cycle or system operating until maintenance can be scheduled. This avoids costly emergency shut-downs. FAIL-DRY ® is a registered trademark of Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc.

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