Pneumatic Actuated Shutoff Valves - BLT, BAT, BST, BFS and F, 

PVC construction globe style valves in sizes of 1/2" through 2".  Teflon shaft with Buna, EPDM or Viton elastomers provide long service life. Acrylic air cylinder walls allow a visual indication of position the valve at all times.   

BAT is a air to open x air to close.

BLT is a liquid pressure to open x air to close.

BST-NO is spring to open x air to close

BST-NC is spring to close x air to open - option limit stop provide for throttling adjustment

BFS and F are three way diverter valves

  Catalog for Pneumatic Shutoff Valves

Pneumatic Shutoff Vales Series ELT, EAT and EST have been replaced by the above.  For addtional information and dimensional information for these older valves download    ASO-3

Seal kits are still available for E xx valves - contact KTH Sales, Inc.