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True Blue™ Ball Valves

For Corrosive and Ultra-Pure Liquids

Manual and Actuated
New for 2009
3" and 4" sizes

  • True Union Style for easy installation
  • PVC, CPVC, polypropylene and PVDF (KynarŽ)
  • 1/2" - 4" NPT or American sockets
  • BSP threads or Metric sockets
  • TeflonŽ Seats - EPDM or VitonŽ O-rings
  • Dual connectors supplied for PVC and CPVC
  • 1/2" - 1 1/2" are full port - 2" is smooth tapered
  • 3" and 4" are full port
  • Mounting lugs for support or actuation
  • 100% inspection and leak tested
  • Million Cycle Design  - 1/2 - 2" Bulletin

1/2" - 2" Two Way Design Advantages:

  1. Steel reinforced shaft eliminates stem breaks.
  2. Double shaft O-rings.
  3. TeflonŽ shaft bearing eliminates friction and wear.
  4. Teflon seats backed up with O-rings reduce the wear and tear of repeated cycling.
  5. Trunnion Design: Upper and lower supports retain ball under pressure. Trunnion design allows multi-directional flow; means that the valve is in no danger of being installed "backwards."
  6. Concentric machined and mirror-polished ball.
  7. Dual sliding seats use triple O-rings for balance and maximum leak protection.
  8. Smooth flow path eliminates pressure loss.
  9. True union ends for ease of piping and removal.
1/2" - 2" Three Way Ball Valve Design Advantages:
  1. Steel reinforced shaft (stem).
  2. Dual o-rings on shaft.
  3. Teflon thrust bearing on shaft.
  4. Teflon seats, pre-energized with o-rings.
  5. Trunnion Design -- top and bottom support of ball. Trunnion design allows closed segment of valve to be disconnected under full line pressure, with no danger of blow-out. Valve cannot be piped in backwards.
  6. Full concentricity and mirror smoothness of ball assures easy, smooth, leakproof operation.
  7. Dual sliding seats, each with triple o-rings.
  8. All three ports are true union for cost, installation time, and space savings.
  9. Flow direction indicator on handle.

Diverter or Sampling Valves -
- Use as 2 inlets or 2 outlets


3" and 4" Two Way Full Port Ball Valves

PVC - CPVC - Polypro - PVDF materials


  • Full port.

  •  Bi-directional flow.

  •  Low maintenance and extended operational life.

  •  Handle equipped as a spanner device to adjust carrier.

  •  PTFE seat energized by O-ring.

  •  Ball machined and tumbled to ensure roundness.

  •  Special mounting pads are molded on body for actuator mounting or valve anchoring.

  • Blow-out proof stem.

  •  Safety shear stem design.

  • Double O-ring seal on stem.

Bulletins for 3" and 4" Valves

Manual Valves

Electric Actuated

Pneumatic Actuated

Actuated Ball Valves

2 Way - Air x Spring  - ABVS

Air Actuator for True Blue™ Valves

  • Valox thermoplastic construction
  • Spring Kit for Normally Closed or Open
  • Limit Stops for valve throttling
  • Electric Switch Kit
  • Position Indicator
Electric Actuator 

2 Way electric EBVA

3Way Electric - TEBVA

Electric Actuator for True Blue™ Valves

  • Thermoplastic enclosure - NEMA IV
  • Indicator Lights - open/moving/closed
  • manual over-ride 
  • 85-240AC /DC(standard),
  • 12-24 ACDC (optional)
Model Numbers Dimensions 2-Way Valve Dimensions - 3-Way Valve CV Factors Specifications for Actuators
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