Thermoplastic Liners

Flexible PVC and other material liners for tanks and containment areas.

A pictured tour of the product. 

fabric1.jpg (14836 bytes) Thermoplastic liners are ideal for the containment of corrosive liquids.   Liners can be used to repair leaking tanks or as a corrosion barrier with corrosive tanks.  Liners will be factory fabricated and then rolled or folded for shipment.   The field installation is usually done by your own plant personnel.  Fittings can be factory installed or field fabricated.  Support clip or ties hold liner firm during installation.
wpe15.jpg (19574 bytes) For New installations or as repairs

PVC liners are ideal for plating tanks.  If process need now require corrosion resistant materials in a steel tank that was used for cleaning or rinse.   A liner can be added to the tank to prevent corrosion.  The change over time to install a liner is a fraction of the time required to remove and install a new tank.   Liners are available in PVC material that will be resistant to most plating solutions.

fabric4.jpg (11659 bytes) Liners are not limited to just plating tank - wood or concrete pits can be lined to prevent seepage and leaks.  We supplied a liner for a wooden potable water tank that was located in the steeple of a church -- the narrow passages up to the tank made replacement of the tank nearly impossible -- the liner was installed in just a matter of hours.
Copy of fabric5.jpg (13962 bytes) Liners are ideal for large tanks that are required to deal with a wide variety of chemicals.  Waste treatment is just one of may uses.  Lining of flanged fittings can be easily incorporated.
fabric7.jpg (7919 bytes)  

Secondary Containment Liners for:

  • Tank Farms
  • Process Lines
    • Sump containment
  • Pond Liners
  • Containment of Hazardous Materials
fabric8.jpg (56756 bytes) Liner material are available for fuel and other petroleum products.   This liner is used at a rail road service / transfer facility.  Large quantities of liquids and rain water made containment difficult before Fabrico liners.
fabric9.jpg (33167 bytes) Secondary containment of large areas will introduce many different shapes of liners -- we are able to factory or field fabricate around just about situation presented.
fabric10.jpg (11370 bytes) Liners are often subject abuse.  Backing material are often used to protect the liner -- in large areas the liner may also be protected from foot traffic by earthen covering.  Contact us with your need and we will engineer the correct liner for your application.  Engineering assistance and field installation crews are available to assure your satisfaction.
Please contact with your requirements.  Liners can often be shipped within a few days.

Note:  If you looking for the manufacturer FABRICO - They are no longer in business -- We can provide products manufactured to the same quality standards.

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