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Protec Fluoropolymer (PTFE) Heaters -

Protec PTFE heaters are ideal for the heating of pure or corrosive liquids within tanks. PTFE is usually selected for the superior corrosion resistance and compared to metals.  Unlike most of the other Protec heaters that use large single tube, the PTFE heaters use a smaller diameter continuous element.  The use of the smaller diameter offers greater flexibility in the design of the heater in that the element can be formed in many different shapes to best suit your application.  These heaters are available in units up to 27 kW.


PTFE heaters feature a low watt density of only 10 watts per square inch.  A resistance wire is covered in ceramic that is encased in a  stainless steel jacket.   The outer jacket is then encased in a PTFE tubing. 

Safety against over heating

PTFE heater are protected against over heating by using Protector I - PTI or Protector II - PTII resetable thermal fuses.  The Protector System is used as a safety device in the event that the heater is exposed to air instead of liquid.  The sensor within the PTFE covering will trigger the heater controller to turn the heater off in the event of excessive temperatures. 

Note:  Most heaters are supplied with thermal overload protection - please advise desired solution temperature for correct sizing of protection fuse.


Model HX and HXL - Single element spiral heaters - 500 to 9000 watts - single phase - also in 'L' shaped design.  These heaters are configured to use near the same physical shape as the metal tubular heaters.  Coil diameters are near 2.5".

Model HXF and HXFL - as above in a flat coil design - 500 to 9000 watts - single phase

Model HXO - Single element flat rectangular coil design - 500 to 9000 watts - single phase

Model HXOL - as above except L shaped - for use on the bottom of the tank - 1000 to 6000 watts - single phase

HXRL - similar to above

HXSL - single tube heaters shape to fit just inside of the side wall of you tank - 1000   to 6000 watts - single phase

Three, six and nine element versions of the above are available in 3 phase or single phase - 1500 to 27000 watts

The shapes are selected to take the minimum amount of room within tank for the heater and allow for the maximum amount of space left in the tank for your process.

Guards for Heater

Thermoplastic guards are normally supplied with PTFE heaters to prevent physical damage to the heater.

Special Designs

Tube heater can be constructed in nearly any custom shape for special applications.

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Temperature Controllers