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Heaters, Cooling Coils, Temperature Controllers, Level Controls 

Electric Immersion Heaters -- Constructed of steel, stainless steel, titanium, quartz and PTFE coated.  Electric immersions heaters for plating tanks, process tanks and storage tanks.  100 watts to 36,000 watts.  Built in thermal protectors for safety.  

HOT SHOT instantaneous water heater constructed of 316SS or titanium for process and DI water.  Quartz / PTFE construction for the semiconductor industry.   Temperature controls built within the system.

Heating / Cooling Coils -- Standard stock sizes and custom configuration to specifications.  Stainless steel, titanium and PTFE coils.  Water and steam solenoid valves for control

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Metal Electric Immersion Heaters

PTFE Electric Immersion Heaters

Quartz Electric Immersion Heaters

Protec Heat Exchangers and Coils

Timers - Electric Accessories

Coil Accessories

Safety Features - Protector Systems

Sizing of Heaters - Technical Section

Temperature Controllers
  • Electronic Digital or Mechanical Bulb Controller        
  • Indicating or Non-indicating RTD styles
  • PTFE coated sensors are standard
  • Combination controllers incorporate relays for heater control
  • Optional output signals for process control                              
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Conductivity Level Controls
  • Two and Three probe units    -  details
Products Listing by Equipment Category

Pumps  - for transfer of liquids
Valves -
manual and actuated for control and shut off of liquid flow
Tanks -
for storage of chemicals or processing
Mixers -
tank and inline mixing of liquids
Filtration -
equipment for solution filtration
Heaters -
electric immersion and coils for temperature control of solutions
Systems -
for monitoring liquid flow and pH
Fittings -
pipe and piping systems
Waste Treatment -
component equipment for waste treatment systems
Accessories -
liquid handling products
Manufacturer Listings -
products listed by our key vendors

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