Protec Quartz Over The Side Immersion Heaters

Quartz heaters are used when the corrosion resistance of the quartz glass tube is desirable.   The quartz tube will contain the electrical heating element an isolated it from the solution.  This design will allow the use of replacement elements within the tube.   Due to the nature of quartz (glass), thermoplastic guards are recommended and supplied upon request.quartz-3.jpg (8729 bytes)

  • .5 to 30 kW, 26 watts/square inch nominal.
  • 120, 240, 480 volts standard as listed, other voltages available.
  • For plating tanks, pickling and other acidic aqueous solutions.
  • Not for use in hydrofluoric acid or alkaline solutions.
  • Single phase standard, three phase available as an option.


  • Heavy duty, long lasting construction.
  • Standard thermal protection (replaceable PQI or resetable PQII).
  • Heating element and/or quartz tube assembly replaceable.
  • Grounded for safety.
  • U.L. listed, CSA certified.
  • Vapor tight polypropylene terminal enclosure.


Note:  Most heaters are supplied with thermal overload protection - please advise desired solution temperature for correct sizing of protection fuse.

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