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Solenoid Valves - For control of water or steam - 1/2" through 2" - brass construction - specify water or steam

Strainers - For the above solenoid valves - 1/2" through 2" - prevents dirt and scale from entering the solenoid valve

Insulators - 1/2" through 2"  - Non-grounded pipe coupling of fluoropolymer to insulate the coil to prevent plating of the coil.  The coupling was originally designed for use as an insulator between metal heat exchanger coils and metal supply lines to prevent stray currents from accidentally being transmitted through conductive supply lines. 1/2 inches to 2 inches NPT sizes available.

This unique coupling, however, also has a wide range of applications on process lines across a broad range of industries including chemical, hydrocarbon processing and others where gas, liquid or pneumatic lines are required.  The couplings are made of PTFE pipe contained within a stainless steel or optional titanium tube. The ID of this insert is threaded at both ends with standard female NPT threading. This design provides outstanding corrosion resistance, dampens vibration, and prevents seizing between metal lines while creating a positive seal.

Hangers - Used to support grid and serpentine coils in the tank - T316SS or Titanium

Vacuum Breaker - 1/2" size - Recommend for all fluoropolymer heat exchanges used on steam service.

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