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H2OT SHOT Electric Instantaneous Water Heaters

  • Designed for instantaneous heating to suitable processing temperatures used in electronics, photo processing, clean rooms, laboratories and metal finishing.
  • Economical alternative to all fluoropolymer heating systems. For non-critical (up to 18 meg) deionized water. 
  • 240 or 480 volts standard as listed. Other voltages available.
  • 3 to 144 KW sizes available.
  • Three phase standard, single phase available as an option.


  • Space saving compact design (30"H x 20"W x 9"D).
  • No storage tank required.
  • Available in titanium or Type 316 stainless steel wetted parts.
  • Energy efficient point-of-use service. Reduces water consumption and heat losses.
  • Easy installation. Wall mountable, pre-assembled construction requires only power and water connection.
  • Grounded for safety.
  • GFCI standard.
  • Dual display, self tuning PID temperature control standard.
  • Alarm circuit monitors flow, system differential pressure, fluid temperature and element temperature.
  • SCR control available as option.
  • UL listed (3-48 KW).

For DI water

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Hi-Flo Quartz H2OT SHOT Ultrapure Fluid Heater
For semiconductor Applications

Designed for high flow and/or high temperature applications, the Hi-Flo Quartz H2OT SHOT uses high-purity quartz wetted surfaces and resistive heating elements to ensure responsive heating with no product contamination.

A patented quartz helix-within-a-helix construction produces a highly efficient, ultrapure electric heat exchanger. Standard quartz tubing is GE type 214 clear fused quartz tubing. The inner quartz tubing helix has an external electric heating coil fabricated from nichrome resistance wire operating at 700 degrees Celsius. This relatively low operating temperature (the wire designed to operate at 1200 degrees Celsius) ensures a long MTBF. Since the resistance wire is exterior to the heated fluid path, no fluid contamination is possible.

The outer quartz tubing helix surrounds the inner quartz tubing helix, acting as an economizer to reclaim radiated and convective heat emanating from the resistance heater that would otherwise be lost. Both coils are housed in a reflectorized, insulated enclosure to further recover heat and eliminate the need for purge gas or cooling ventilation.

All interconnecting piping uses ultrapure PFA tubing and connectors manufactured by Fluoroware, Inc. Quartz-to-PFA connections incorporate Fluoroware's QUIKGRIP fittings, with the "gripper" ring retained in a machined groove in the quartz tubing.

The Hi-Flo Quartz H2OT SHOT is ideal for your wet bench or other point-of-use ultrapure heater application.

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  • Ultrapure deionized water
  • Prediffusion cleaning (ammonium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid)
  • Resist strip cleaning
  • Photo resist strip
  • Cassette box cleaning
  • Post CMB/Scrub cleaning
  • Piranha etch
  • Nitride etch
  • Optical/magnetic discs
  • Organic strips

Because of the unit's all-quartz construction, a wide range of SC-1 and SC-2 fluids can be heated, including hydrochloric-peroxide, ammonium-peroxide, sulfuric-peroxide, phosphoric acid and ultrapure deionized water. An all-FRPP housing provides a corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free installation. Stainless steel or powder coat metal enclosure available.

Optional leak detection, over temperature protection, GFP and SEMI S3 control protocol ensure efficient, safe heater operation.


The basic heater module is 24kW; multiple heating modules are plumbed in parallel, enabling heating capacities up to 144kW. Standard voltages (480, 240, 208) as well as custom voltages (415, 380) are available. Voltage specs are standard polyphase, 50/60 hertz.  The standard heater features an Anafaze/Watlow CLS-style controller. Alternate choices include the Watlow Series 996, Eurotherm Model 905D or PLC controller. Multiple input and distributive PID-controlled output provide optimum fluid temperature control.  All controls feature zero-crossing SSR firing circuitry with output filtered to minimize any harmonics that constitute EMI or RFI.

A removable inner quartz coil with an integral resistance wire makes field replacement of the heating element easy.