Technical Section - Sizing of Heaters -

The selection of the size or wattage of a heater required is a combination of factors that need to be considered.

  1. Heat loss of solution - Caused by top surface loss.  This loss will be increased if the tank is not covered, air agitated, or is cycled with parts that will remove heat.
  2. Capacity of tank - The larger the amount of solution the more energy is required to bring the solution up to the desired temperature.
  3. Temperature rise - The greater the temperature rise, the more energy is required.
  4. Time - The shorter the time, the greater the energy.

The greatest demand for energy of course is when the solution is cold and needs to be heated to process temperature.  Capacity, temperature rise and time are equal factors in selection of heaters. The requirement of the capacity of the tank cannot be changed, however time and temperature rise may be changed with the use of tank covers and timers to allow for a greater heat up time.  Once the tank is up to temperature, the heat loss due to metal products removing heat and surface loss now become important that the heater is able to keep up.

Unless all of the above factors are considered, heater oversizing or undersizing will occur.  We will consider all of the details of your application and then make our recommendation.

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