PULSAtron Electronic metering pumps

Electronic metering pumps us a solenoid to move a PTFE faced diaphragm in a reciprocating motion.  Suction and discharge ball check valves prevent by-pass of liquid through the head.  The amount of liquid dispensed per stroke in controlled by the adjustable stroke length - adjustable to 10% of maximum for most pumps.  The number of strokes (frequency) is fixed and normally adjustable, again to 10% of maximum. External control, normally a 4-20mA signal, can provide for a proportional flow that is regulated by an external device such as a pH controller or flow controller.  Some of the metering pumps listed incorporate a microprocessor for speed control (internal or external) that will display setting.

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The exact metering pumps are selected upon your requirements regarding

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C Series - bulletin

C Plus Series - bulletin 

A Plus Series - bulletin Ptron-E+.jpg (8120 bytes)

E Series - bulletin

E Plus Series - bulletin

The E Series Deluxe with standard on-off switch, thermal fuse, clear cover for electronics and optional external control.

MP Series - bulletin

BT Series - bulletin

For Bio Technical Applications - 316SS head with PTFE diaphragm can be autoclavedPtron-BT.jpg (4877 bytes)

Microprocessor control with display - internal 1000:1 control or external mA control

Three sizes with max. flow rates of the following: 0.5 GPH @ 100 PSI (1.89L @ 7 Bar), 3.91 GPH @ 100 PSI (14.82 L @ 7 Bar) or 20.0 GPH @ 20 PSI (78.85 L @ 1.3)

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