2750 pH/ORP Sensors Feature Two-Wire 4 to 20mA Output - Blind pH and ORP transmitter

The 2750 Sensors feature a self-contained, fully integrated transmitter with built-in pre-amplification, which reduces system costs while providing absolute signal integrity up to 1,000 feet. The new sensors are ideally suited for a wide range of industrial process applications including water/wastewater treatment, neutralization systems, scrubber control, effluent monitoring and surface finishing.

The 2750 Sensors are available for in-line or submersible installations, and provide two-wire 4 to 20mA loop output for either pH or ORP measurement without the expense of local displays available in full-featured transmitters. The sensor also allows for instant pH/ORP electrode recognition and immediate self-configuration for the appropriate output measurement. Additional functionality is afforded with the unit's S3L (SIGNET Sensor Serial Link) digital interface - this logic is used with Signet 8900 controller. With S3L's common bus language capability, hardware is minimized, further reducing system costs.

Other performance features include automatic temperature compensation (pH), calibration verification, DryLoc™ electrical connector and automatic buffer recognition. The optional Local EasyCal allows simple push-button calibration and an LED indicator for visual feedback. Operating temperature ranges are 0° to 85°C (32° to 185°F) with accuracies of ±0.03 pH @ 25°C (77°F), and ±2mV @ 25°C (77°F) ORP.

Manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, the 2750 pH/ORP sensors also meet strict CE approvals and are compatible with the +GF+ SIGNET Model 3-2754 thru 3-2757 pH/ORP electrodes. Due to the unique DryLoc connector, the robust CPVC electrode configuration supports the weight and torque required for the installation and operation of integral junction boxes and the Local EasyCal accessory.

A detailed Power Point Presentation takes you through the basics.

 GF+ SIGNET 2750
pH/ORP Sensor Electronics

Product Description: +GF+ SIGNET 2750 pH/ORP Sensors provide two-wire 4 to 20mA loop output for pH and ORP measurements, without the expense of local display and other luxuries available in full-featured transmitters. Pre-amplification is built-in, reducing system costs while ensuring absolute signal integrity up to 304.8m/1,000 feet. These sophisticated field-mount devices also provide the S3L (Signet Sensor Serial Link™) digital interface, the latest development in leading-edge technology from +GF+ SIGNET. The 2750 Sensor Electronics self-configure for pH or ORP operation via automatic recognition of electrode type, and the new DryLoc™ electrode connector quickly forms a robust assembly for submersible and in-line installations. NEMA 4X Junction Boxes are integral parts of the in-line version and are available as accessories for the submersible version. The optional Local EasyCal feature allows simple push-button calibration and includes an LED for visual feedback.

Specifications PDF file         Installation Manual PDF file   PowerPoint


Junction boxes for convenient wiring integral with inline - remote with submersible

You will require three components for a working sensor / transmitter; replaceable electrode (pH or ORP), a sensor (inline or submersible) and a junction box.  Inline sensors also require a pipe adapter for mounting in a 1 1/4" pipe tee.

Note:  Use 2760 pre-amp with most Signet controllers.  

Please contact KTH Sales for updates of electrodes used with the 2750 and 2760 electronics  - also see pH electrodes for additional options

General Purpose Electrode pH or ORP when used with 2750 4-20 mA transmitter number
pH Flat (for most chemical applications) 3-2724-00
pH Bulb (for surface waters and spa applications) 3-2726-00
pH Flat-HF (hydrofluoric resistant) 3-2726-HF
pH Bulb (DI water service) 3-2726-LC
ORP Flat (resistant to flowling) 3-2725-60
Refillable / Differential and PTFE double junction  special pH / ORP electrodes
Inline sensor used with 8900 / 9900 controller 3-2750-1
Inline sensor with junction box and Local EasyCal 3-2750-2
PVC pipe adapter for inline P31515-0P200
CPVC pipe adapter for inline P31515-0C200
PVDF pipe adapter for inline P31515-0V200
Submersible sensor (see below for junction box) 3-2750-3
Junction box for submersible sensors  
3/4" NPT junction box with EasyCal 3-8052-2
Universal junction box with EasyCal (mounts to pipe or flat surface) 3-8050-2
Optional Accessories  
3/4" liquid tight connector - each  (seals wire in junction box) 3-9000.392-1
pH buffer kit 3-0700.390
pH / ORP system tester 3-2759

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