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Signet 5090 - Self Powered Flow Monitor

Sig5090.jpg (12919 bytes)The most economical flow monitor in the +GF+SIGNET product line is also one of the most feature-packed. The 5090 Sensor Powered Flow Monitor is designed exclusively for use with the +GF+ SIGNET 515 Flow Sensor to provide a completely independent flow monitoring system. The combination is FM approved for hazardous environments, without additional safety barriers or special wiring. No other indicator or rotameter provides the application versatility and the unique features of the +GF+ SIGNET 5090.

Power Requirements:  None - Self powered
Output Signal: None - Display only

Instruction sheet - PDF format

This replaces the Signet Model 509.

Signet 8150 - Battery Powered Flow Monitor

SIGNET offers a solution to field applications out of reach of power sources with the 8150 Battery Powered Flow Monitor. A long life lithium battery powers the unit to display independently calibrated flow rate and and one of the three totalizer values. User access codes prevent unwanted tampering.  Three different case configurations: Panel mounted, pipe or wall mounted with self-enclosure, or integral mounted to the flow sensor.

Power Requirements:  Lithium battery
Output Signal: None - Display only


  • 515 Flow Sensor
  • 525 Flow Sensor
  • 2517 Flow Sensor

Data sheet                Instruction Manual

Signet 5075 / 5500 - Powered Flow Monitor

Sig5500.jpg (13958 bytes)

Signet 5075 Flow Monitor  Provides two totalizers - one permanent , one resettable.  Pulse output signal.  is a feature-packed monitor covering a wide range of applications. Dual totalizers are calibrated independently of the digital analog flow rate. Expand the communication range of the system by connecting peripheral equipment to the isolated frequency out, the alarm contact outputs, or the 4-20 mA current output. Packaged in a slim-line housing with NEMA 4X shatter-resistant front panel, the 5075/ 5500 are the most sophisticated analog monitor available. 
Power Requirements:  12 to 24 VAC or VDC
All +GF+ SIGNET Flow Sensor                       Data sheet -   or Instruction sheet -  

The SIGNET 5500 Flow Monitor - Similar to above with the addition of alarm contacts.
Power Requirements:  12 to 24 VAC or VDC
Output Signal: 4-20 mA
Output Relay: Relays for High and Low flow rates
All +GF+ SIGNET Flow Sensor             Instruction sheet

Signet 5600 - Batch Controller

Sig5600.jpg (16930 bytes)Controller was designed specifically for simple, single function batching systems. A user-selectable menu allows easy configuration of current and relay options. One relay provides batch in progress alarming and the other can be used for a two stage shutdown, overrun alarm, end-of-batch or missing signal alarm. The 5600 can be combined with any +GF+ SIGNET flow sensor and an appropriate actuator valve/positioner for automated batching.
Power Requirements:  12 to 24 VAC or VDC
Output Relay: (1) End of batch (1) optional usage
All +GF+ SIGNET Flow Sensors  
Instruction sheet

Build Your Own Batch System
  1. Select a flow sensor according to flow rate, pipe size, and material
  2. Choose a ball valve based on pipe size and material
  3. Select appropriate George Fischer actuator
  4. Use +GF+ SIGNET 5600 Batch Controller
For repeat batch application, the +GF+ SlGNET5600 Batch Controller's 4-20 mA output will accurately control batch volumes. The 4-20 mA output will fully open the valve. At 90% of batch completion, the valve will begin closing. Software controls proper timing to ensure accuracy.
BATCH1.jpg (33629 bytes)
For larger pipe diameter, two-stage shutdown reduces the damaging effects of water hammer.

Batch2.jpg (27993 bytes)

All ProPoint™ Monitors include the following features
  • ABS Plastic Enclosure 3.5" x 3.5" x 3" deep (1/4 DIN)
  • Hard-coated Polycarbonate window
  • Panel mounting bracket with Neoprene gasket
  • Splashproof back cover kit
  • Mounting bracket
  • Liquid Tight Connector Kit
  • Retrofit Kit - used cutout for older Signet units
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