Signet Flow Systems

For over 30 years, Signet has been providing reliable flow measurement systems using economical, simple design, reliable components.  Product innovations have kept the product up to date for the most complicated of process control and still retaining the simple to understand basics.  Complete systems are usually comprised of two major components - a instrument and a sensor.

Flow Instrument / Meter / Display / Transmitter / Controller - This usually provide a digital display of the current rate of flow.  The meter is selected for additional features such as  analog output signal (4-20mA), totalization or high / low flow relays.  Batching controllers are also available. Most are powered with 12-24VAC or VDC however some are battery or self powered from the flow sensor.  Most are designed for enclosure mounting 1/4 DIN however some are self-enclosed and do not require a separate enclosure and may be intergral with the sensor.  ProPoint,  ProcessPro, and SmartPro are the three groups of instruments - see below.  Please follow the underlined links for additional information.


Flow Sensors - The most common sensor is an insertion paddle wheel designed to measure the liquids velocity.  The paddle wheel needs to be compatible for the application and will be constructed of polypropylene, PVDF, brass or stainless steel.  Most paddle wheel sensors require installation fitting to insure correct insertion depth and alignment.  If paddle wheel sensors are not desirable;  turbine, vortex, rotor and magnetic sensors are used.  Ultrasonic technology is also available.  details


ProPoint Flow Instruments are designed as stand alone units that will provide your required functions without requirement of additional controllers or PLC's. They will display, total and provide relays as required for pump or valve control.

5090 - Self powered unit - Analog display is provided with electrical energy from the paddlewheel flow sensor.

8150 - Battery powered - Digital display with flow rate and total.

5075 - Provides a large analog display with a digital rate and total.

5500 - Just like the 5075 with the addition of high / low alarm relays and 4-20mA output.

5600 - Use as a Batch Controller to measure exact quantities of liquids.  Provides digital rate and total, analog dial reporting batch completion percentage and dual stage control relays for automatic valves or pump closing / stopping.


SmartPro Transmitter - Base unit (3-9900-1 or -1P) provides a digital indication of rate and total.  A series of lights form a "Dial-Type" display for easy visual reading.  Analog signal output (4-20mA) provides integration with other instruments.  Field plug in relay module and Hart communications module are available for the panel mounted units to further expand the usage of the instrument.. The 9900 is a single channel input unit.  Contact us for information in the 8900 Series unit that provides multiple input signals.

Now with Hart Communication module option.

ProcessPro Flow Instruments are now obsolete.  They have been replaced by the SmartPro Transmitters that offer high visibility displays.  are designed to coordinate with your process control system by providing analog (4-20mA) signals to your PLC.  These can be intergral sensor, self-enclosed or panel mounted.

8550 Transmitter - Base unit (8550-1) provides digital indication of rate and flow with analog output signal.  This may also be used as a lower cost alternative to the 5075 to display flow and total. Options include dual control relays (8550-2) or dual flow inputs (8550-3) with differential output. 

Contact KTH Sales with assistance in converting to the new instruments.