Installation for All Compak Transmitters

All Compak Transmitter have a choice of mounting on or near the pipe line or in a panel.  The analytical sensors may be mounted inline or submerged within the tank.

Flow sensors must be mounted in line and require a Signet Installation Fittings.

Analytical sensors (pH / ORP etc.) may use P31515-OV200 for installation with a standard pipe tee or the  Signet Installation Fitting.  All Signet sensors should be mounted in a vertical (+/- 30 degrees).

  • Panel Mount - Transmitter, Sensor and Pre-Amp (for pH and ORP only)
  • Integral - Transmitter, Sensor and 8011 Mounting Kit
  • Pipe - Transmitter, Sensor ( Pre-amp as required), P31542 mounting cap, 8010 Mounting Kit


compak-instal.jpg (46132 bytes)
compak-dim.jpg (38809 bytes)