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Signet Scientific / GF Signet has been a leading supplier of flow monitoring and analytical equipment for over 35 years for users of thermoplastic piping.  Their customer base includes plating and electronics manufacturers, industrial and municipal waste treatment facilities, chemical processors and blenders, and the food process industries.   Technology leaders in their industry -- Here are their products for your consideration.  ISO 9001 certified of course.

To meet the variety of instruments usage, two classes of instrument equipment are offered.

ProPoint Series - This class of equipment provides simple instruments that display the condition point and provide control for most applications that rely on a stand alone single instrument for control of a process.

SmartPro Multi-Parameter Instrument - 9900 Transmitter - This next generation of sensors and monitors are used to provide signals for external process controllers as well as Signet's display instruments.   Two and three wire control designs allow this class to be ideal for applications when multiple control signals are used in your process control system.  Displays are provided in two versions - "field" or "panel".  For flow, pH/ORP, conductivity/resistivity, pressure, and temperature.  The Multi-Parameter instrument is single input channel adaptable to flow, pH / ORP, level, pressure or temperature without adding anything but the electrode.  A simple field installed card will further adapt for conductivity/resistivity or salinity.  Details

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Signet has been a leader in providing flow meters and controller for the ultra-pure and corrosion resistant thermoplastic piping industry for over 35 years.  There are typically three parts to a flow system -- flow sensor -- pipe fitting -- flow instrument.

Flow Sensor - Paddlewheel insertion, magnetic insertion, micro-flow inline and turbine technologies.  Sensors in stainless steel or corrosion resistant thermoplastics with hot-tap options.  

Pipe fitting - Most flow sensors use Signet design installation fittings insuring correct alignment and insertion depth.

Flow Monitors & Controllers - Details, Descriptions and Specifications

pH / ORP Measurement and Control

Signet designed pH and ORP electrodes offer reliable value to many industries involve with water and wastewater treatment, aquatic animal life support systems, pool and spa, and process control.  Most electrodes are Ryton or CPVC construction with flat PTFE membrane or glass bulb versions.  Most electrodes include temperature sensors to allow for automatic temperature compensation.  Options for low conductivity solutions (DI water) and low HF concentrations.  Sensors for inline, submersible and wet-tap installations.

pH and ORP Controllers - Details,   Descriptions and Specifications

Conductivity / Resistivity Measurement and Control

Signet Conductivity/Resistivity electrodes provide accuracy over a broad range of ultra pure to heavy contaminated solutions.  Standard electrode is 316 SS and Titanium with other materials available. Reversible threads or sanitary flanges provide installation versatility.  Sanitary flange versions are available with an optional NIST Traceability Certificate to meet USP requirements. A platinum RTD (PT1000) located within the electrode allows optimal temperature sensing.

New PEEK insulated sensors provide four cell constants are suitable for high purity water up to weak acids or bases.  Also available are units incorporating integral sensor with controller or 4-20mA output.

Conductivity/Resistivity - Details,   Descriptions and Specifications

Other Products

Signet offers sensors and controllers for level, pressure and temperature.  These sensors are compatible with SmartPro Multi-Parameter controls and ProcessPro transmitters.

Contact KTH Sales for details.  The Process Pro transmitters are being retired and replaced by the NEW Series 9900.

Dimension of Signet Products - ProPoint -ProcessPro - Intelek  - Compak

Instruction Sheets - All - PDF file format

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